Texas Whiteail #2

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d findley
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Texas Whiteail #2

Post by d findley »

Lee Newton with a B&C Texas whitetail shot this morning (Dec. 15) with his No.1 rifle. Watch for a write-up in the next ROCS Report.

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Re: Texas Whiteail #2

Post by gunman42782 »

That's a monster! Congratulations Lee!
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Re: Texas Whiteail #2

Post by 67stingray »

Congrats Lee, another great Texas whitetail, what caliber took it down? 280 Ackley?
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Re: Texas Whiteail #2

Post by flattop44 »

That is a whopper buck, great rack!!

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Re: Texas Whiteail #2

Post by JAYDAWG »

Nice buck!!
The horns and body look like a Mule Deer :shock:

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Brass Frame
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Re: Texas Whiteail #2

Post by Brass Frame »

Congrats. Lee, it appears to be an old deer and with those drop tines it is very impressive! You make all of us deer hunters jealous
The body is quite large too. Did you age him? He appears to be a "hybrid" muley/whitetail? He will make a Great wall mount.
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Re: Texas Whiteail #2

Post by SteveRuger »

Very Nice Buck! I never seen one that size in Texas before! Great photo too.
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Re: Texas Whiteail #2

Post by Watertender »

Lee that is a beauty! Get the crockpot going because he may be a tough old coot and requre long slow cooking
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Re: Texas Whiteail #2

Post by RoninPA »

Lee, that is one great buck and I'm sure you're proud to get it, much less a shot at it. Let us know the B&C numbers when you get them.
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