What's up with RCA?

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Re: What's up with RCA?

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I'm not sure if I got the most recent journal, was it the one with Don Findleys articles in it? I haven't gotten one since then. Mine says Vol. 34 No. 4
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Re: What's up with RCA?

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Hello guys,

The RCA is doing okay and the membership is actually growing. We are at the beginning phase of building a complete new web site and will be taking the current one down soon, we just can't make it work. The JOURNAL is being proofed and will be sent to the printer in the next couple days. It will be 48 pages with a lot of photos and we hope to get it the mail in two weeks. The next two issues are all but complete at this time.

From now on, if here are any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me directly skiatookguncompany@att.net or call me 915.478.1868

Regards, John
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Re: What's up with RCA?

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Thanks for the current info!
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Re: What's up with RCA?

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John, thanks for your help as I get questions about the RCA and I can refer them to you. It is always good to have a direct line of communications for all of us to be in touch. Brass Frame/Lee E
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Re: What's up with RCA?

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That is good news John, looking forward to getting the next Journal.
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