Ruger Viper

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d findley
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Ruger Viper

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Anyone have any information/pictures on the Ruger Viper? In the early in the 1970s the US Army was working on a rocket launcher, the Viper. Ruger experimented with it mounted on a No, 3 rifle action. Only prototypes were produced.
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Re: Ruger Viper

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Well, I guess I really do learn something new every day. I have never heard of this.
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T.A. Workman
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Re: Ruger Viper

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Was this mentioned in an old RCA Journal at one time ?

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Re: Ruger Viper

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Years ago I believe someone had one on display in Tulsa but sure can't remember who it was.

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Re: Ruger Viper

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Yes, there is a #3 collector that has one.
Bumped into dozens of .30 Viper serial numbers while I was doing research on the #3 in .44 Mag.

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Re: Ruger Viper

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Also sure there was an old RCA Journal with an article Lane Pearce may have written it.
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Re: Ruger Viper

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Lee, you're right, found it in RCA Journal Volume 9, No. 4, Page 112. It's a good 4 page Lane Pearce with pics.
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