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Re: Rocs Membership

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A fine looking group of Ruger revolvers. Happy that you included single actions in your collection, I tend to lean that way!
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Re: Rocs Membership

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The SA are really nice and interesting Bill. The sad thing is that, for example, a Blackhawk 44 Magnum, Hawkeye or 357 Maximum Frame is hardly or not available in Austria or in neighboring countries.

If a relatively rare maximum frame appears on the market, you can be sure that a gunsmith absolutely believed he had to make a 500 Linebaugh out of it, for example. :(

Then there is our fantastic wholesaler to whom I, as the end customer, had to explain when ordering the Single Six Hunter that this model comes with an interchangeable drum. Two inquiries from my dealer to the wholesaler and 14 days later the order was then placed. Sometimes it seems as if the wholesaler doesn't want to sell anything to us. :?

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