Ruger Automobile Flyer

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Re: Ruger Automobile Flyer

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Brass Frame wrote:
Thu May 19, 2022 7:40 am
John and Donnie, Thank you very much for sharing these items of Ruger Car literature. Like most of us long time collectors, these cars were just pictures and I had little knowledge about them. I did not even know that 2 were built! Great press kit John, I enjoy seeing such evidence about the cars. Lee E
Somebody could have had the ultimate piece of Ruger memorabilia a couple years ago when William B. Ruger, Jr.'s personal yellow example sold for only something like $42K.

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Re: Ruger Automobile Flyer

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I've been a Ruger paperwork junkie for a long time. Great pics of the press kit. I've chased much of the stuff on the cars myself,, and have a few magazines the Ruger Tourer was featured in. One of my favorites,, was Playboy magazine. (And yes,, I got the magazine for the articles,,,, mostly,,,! ) :D

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