XR 3 grips

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XR 3 grips

Post by Scootjr »

Can someone post a picture of XR3 grips

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Re: XR 3 grips

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Idaho Display.jpeg

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Re: XR 3 grips

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That's what I call delivering, the man ask you show out.
Any day without learning is a day of backing up.

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Re: XR 3 grips

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JussBad Your Baaaad!!
Absolutely beautiful display.


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Re: XR 3 grips

Post by flattop44 »

Gary, you never cease to amaze me...great displays.

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Re: XR 3 grips

Post by Watertender »

67stingray wrote:
Tue Aug 02, 2022 8:02 pm
That's what I call delivering, the man ask you show out.
I agree! "Go BIG or go home" applies here for sure
Some people sit on $.05 of knowledge like it is the treasure of Egypt. I will teach anyone $.10 worth just to prove a point...

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Re: XR 3 grips

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Gary, outstanding! you sure have the corner on Walnut XR-3 Ruger grips! Very cool. Same goes for those XR-3 factory Stags.
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Re: XR 3 grips

Post by 06dilly »

You guys do realize how hard it is to not be intimidated by that! Wow, love it.

Now I’m going to go wipe down the few morsels I’ve managed to gather...


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Re: XR 3 grips

Post by SteveRuger »

:!: It is more amazing seeing it in person, Ivory, Stag, & beautiful wood! Great display.
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