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Re: Ruger Letters

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I talked to Linda yesterday about some of my letters and she reiterated what people here have found out. They are all working from home and thus can't get into the paper records to do a good thorough letter. I have one that is not in the electronic books (a fiver digit OM Super) so she can't get any info until they are allowed to get back into the office. Her and the others are really itching to get back into the office. She told me "Working from home sucks", because she gets frustrated that she can't help us out. She really wants to get back to the office.
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Re: Ruger Letters

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I sent in for 4 letters in May and today got one of them.
Also was a nice letter on company letterhead from Linda telling me the other 3 I requested needed access to the company records to get the model which is on the original invoice. Interesting she has all the info other than that.
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Re: Ruger Letters

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On thei Ruger site is a notice under the "Customer Service" section near the bottom about COVID19. Explains the delays
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Re: Ruger Letters

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Absolutely no change since August! That seems a bit extreme, but it is what it is. I sent for two letters back in January thinking things might have loosened up a little, but no go. CT needs to get its act together re: this issue.

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Re: Ruger Letters

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I've been waiting for over a year and hope they can get back to it soon.
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