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Posting in the anything Ruger RELATED category....... :?

I picked up a Marlin model 62 lever action in 256 Win Mag.
Why you ask!?!?!?
So, when I take the Hawkeye up on the hill to make some smoke & noise I can bring a rifle to match the caliber!
The only two guns made for the caliber. Kinda cool if you ask me.
I have 100 rounds bought here on the forum, and at the last gun show (remember those?)
I picked up 50 more rounds, 50 brass, and reloading dies for $75. So, I can shoot as much 256 as I want!

A few pics of the happy couple........

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Re: 256 WIN MAG

Post by flattop44 »

Good looking pair, have fun shooting them.

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Re: 256 WIN MAG

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Those Marlin Model 62 rifles in .256 Mag. are great little rifles. Great looking pair you have there,

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Re: 256 WIN MAG

Post by Coogs »

Had one of those at one time. Nice, real short stroke on the lever. My only problem was I got big hands, couldn't get all my fingers in the lever! Alas, it went for sale long ago.......still have my Hawkeye though....

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Re: 256 WIN MAG

Post by Watertender »

Nice pair there Jay! I have some old Gun Digests that mention that Marlin rifle and the short lever throw that is accomplished with a cam system.
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Re: 256 WIN MAG

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Great combo!
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Re: 256 WIN MAG

Post by O M CRAZY »

The Hawkeye is fun to shoot! I bet the rifle is too.

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Re: 256 WIN MAG

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I had both Marlin Model 62 one in 30 Carbine & the 256, a forum member talked me out of the 30 carbine years back but I keep the 256 have not shot it though have to report on how it shoots, Please.
I will say Marlin did not get to fancy on the stocks.
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Re: 256 WIN MAG

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The only two guns made for the caliber. Kinda cool if you ask me.
Not really. . .
Your quest is not over!

Thompson Center chambered their Contender for 256 Win Mag. and I'm pretty sure that Universal carbines (M1 clone) were also chambered in it for a short time way back when.
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Re: 256 WIN MAG

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Sweet pair there is a listing on gunbroker for Jamison brass guy must have a lot 100.00 for hundred rnds new old brass fyi.

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