Ruger Halloween!!

Anything Ruger related.
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Ruger Halloween!!

Post by Ken1187 »

I'm no artist but, Here is my best pumpkin carving ever!!!

I made this for my liberal Government!!! They can all Eat it!!!
I'm just waiting for the RCMP to come confiscate it!!! LOL
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Re: Ruger Halloween!!

Post by gunman42782 »

Good job!
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Re: Ruger Halloween!!

Post by flattop44 »

Great job!!

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Re: Ruger Halloween!!

Post by Stonebuster »

Happy Halloween and great job on the pumpkins. I think you inspired me to carve one of ours today.

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Re: Ruger Halloween!!

Post by Watertender »

Nice pumpkin! Hope the RCMP likes it too
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