A "BLUE" SR19!!

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A "BLUE" SR19!!

Post by O M CRAZY »

I thought Ruger had run out of colors to put on their .45acp Light Weight Commanders, but I was wrong! Attached is a couple of pictures of a new "BLUE" (anodized) Light Weight Commander. I say new because I have never seen one in blue before this one. But the serial number is 672-07364, which dates back to 2015 and 16. This one was also shipped in the old style "large" box with a pistole rug. Ruger discontinued shipping the SR1911 with pistole rugs a few years back. So is it "New" or "Old" stock?

At the same time I found this one there was another SR1911 Commander, model 6733, with a "GREEN" frame, They were out of stock or I would be showing it to you also. If you have one or know somebody with one I would really like to know the serial number. Also, if they want to sell it. :)

6732 Blue Frame           L.W. sn           672-07364 (2).JPG
6732 Blue Frame           L.W. sn           672-07364 (1).JPG

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Re: A "BLUE" SR19!!

Post by flattop44 »

Great, you needed another one and the green to chase. I like this one, good looking LW 1911.

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Re: A "BLUE" SR19!!

Post by 67stingray »

Great looking SR Vince, it's amazing the amount of different firearms that Ruger are putting out. I'm not a flashy type of guy but the right blue goes good, I bought one of the Kimber Sapphire Solos a few years ago, sorry about the pics orientation.
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Re: A "BLUE" SR19!!

Post by Watertender »

Vince that looks like a good BBQ piece. I can see you eating a plate of ribs with that tucked in your belt.
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