Ruger Mk History-Going Backwards!

Includes .22 Standard, Mark I, Mark II, Mark III and all Centerfire Semi-Auto Pistols.
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Lost but Found!

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Well, not really lost, but gave the KP514 to my son, who went from a suburbia setting of .25 acre to a 10 acre layout in the country! ;)

Finally came across the MkII Heavy Tapered 5 1/4" barrel Stainless (what I really wanted to complete my MkII SS slab sided, KMK678 and KMK6 collection)! For 5 Franklins, not only received this KMK514 in excellent condition, but also came with an Ext VQ mag release, Hogue finger groove grips, a TK Halo, 2 extra mags, a hard case and the OM! 8-)

Following my AOCD procedures, I first tested and found the trigger pull at a crisp 3.25#. Then I disassembled, cleaned all components, polished the bolt-lower-upper, dropped in a VQ MkII trigger and sear and re-lubricated all action components. Reassembly was quick and easy, and now have 3/32 overall travel and a 1.5# very crisp pull "target trigger" action!! Balance and POA ability is Really Sweet in this rare MkII target series! :mrgreen:

Ruger MkII Target KMK514.JPG
Ruger MkII Target KMK514-2.JPG

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