RSSM 300006

Includes all Pre-1973 Old model Single-Sixes, Blackhawks,
Super Blackhawks, Bearcats, Super Bearcats, Hawkeye
and Black Powder Old Army.
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RSSM 300006

Post by radicalrod »

NIB with the extra 22LR cylinder.....

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Re: RSSM 300006

Post by gunman42782 »

Just plain beautiful!
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Re: RSSM 300006

Post by arcticruger »


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Re: RSSM 300006

Post by flattop44 »

That's a great single digit mag only, love the complete package!! You done good with this batch!

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Re: RSSM 300006

Post by JussBad »

Nice job RR. Did you happen to get the BKH45 also? If memory serves me I chased down 45-00006 for Adamson and Fairbanks about 30 miles from me. I could be off a digit or so on the number but it was a single digit. Perhaps Steve can chime in. Either way, enjoy looking at the single digits.

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Re: RSSM 300006

Post by T.A. Workman »

Several more links in the unending chain!! :)
Good for you.


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Re: RSSM 300006

Post by chet15 »

So the sleeve stamp just says RSSM?
Be sure if the cylinders are chambered for .22 LR or .22 Mag.
I think it is #300023 that has a Mag cylinder in it but at the rear is a firing pin groove (they hadn't yet decided to make the mag cylinder without the groove at the time that cylinder was made... pre-production stuff).
By the way... that is a real prize in a low Mag. marked Single-Six... most of the subscribers at that time didn't get their example.
It would be interesting to see how 300006 shipped, as RSSM or RSSMX. My bet is, you have two cylinders there that are both chambered for Mag.... and one has a firing pin groove.

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Re: RSSM 300006

Post by SteveRuger »

Serial # 300009 is just like the Serial #300006 LNIB with sleeve!
Great Snag R.R.!
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Re: RSSM 300006

Post by contender »

Nice one for sure!

Looking forward to more of those goodies too!

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Re: RSSM 300006

Post by RugerfanAustria »

A really nice piece that I would also like to have in my collection

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