Ruger 06517 SSM-5F

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Re: Ruger 06517 SSM-5F

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Carbineguy wrote:
Thu Nov 12, 2020 5:08 pm
Chad, regarding the John Wayne guns, I was looking around and discovered that there are two different model numbers; 6535 as well as 6536. Both seem to be the same but one may be blued stainless. Is that the case? Were there make-up versions of the 6535 too?
Don't know. I only thought there was one model/variation. I see both are listed as running from DUKE00001 to DUKE01250, but then the 650- guns showed up in my research.

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Re: Ruger 06517 SSM-5F

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Finally brought the gun home. Sure is a nice six gun. The numbers on the front of the cylinder are actually electro penciled. But smaller and neater than I've seen before.
The rear of the cylinder and grip frame are stamped S. What do these "S" stampingss denote?
I assume the grips are cherry wood with grain showing. Is that correct?
Looks like maybe three rounds were fired based on the look of the cylinder and there was a little residue in the barrel. Does the factory fire more than one test round and do they run a patch through after?
As it's 1 of only 358 I'm trying to decide whether to shoot it or not. Buffalo Bore makes some interesting +p ammo.
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