Ruger 06517 SSM-5F

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Re: Ruger 06517 SSM-5F

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Carbineguy wrote:
Thu Nov 12, 2020 5:08 pm
Chad, regarding the John Wayne guns, I was looking around and discovered that there are two different model numbers; 6535 as well as 6536. Both seem to be the same but one may be blued stainless. Is that the case? Were there make-up versions of the 6535 too?
Don't know. I only thought there was one model/variation. I see both are listed as running from DUKE00001 to DUKE01250, but then the 650- guns showed up in my research.

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Re: Ruger 06517 SSM-5F

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Finally brought the gun home. Sure is a nice six gun. The numbers on the front of the cylinder are actually electro penciled. But smaller and neater than I've seen before.
The rear of the cylinder and grip frame are stamped S. What do these "S" stampingss denote?
I assume the grips are cherry wood with grain showing. Is that correct?
Looks like maybe three rounds were fired based on the look of the cylinder and there was a little residue in the barrel. Does the factory fire more than one test round and do they run a patch through after?
As it's 1 of only 358 I'm trying to decide whether to shoot it or not. Buffalo Bore makes some interesting +p ammo.
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Re: Ruger 06517 SSM-5F

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The "S" is Ruger's proofmark.
Not sure about the "S" on the grip frame... perhaps the initial of the employee who fitted it.

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Re: Ruger 06517 SSM-5F

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chet15 wrote:
Tue Oct 13, 2020 11:35 am
Did a little research on these...

There were 358 of the SSM5F (Ruger model 6517) made in 2015...650-57519 to 650-57894. That 99 you remember on the Davidson's website is just the number that says Davidson's had more than 99 in stock at the time.

Other interesting info...
There were 363 of the KSSM5 made (Ruger model 6518), also in 2015...650-57152 to 650-57517.
There have been 612 of the latest version of the RB-32AW made. These are different than the earlier RB-32AW because the latest run has a blue carbon steel hammer and trigger. Lipsey's probably did all 612 of these. 650-57937 to 650-58550. Produced 2017 to 2020.
One of the jewels of this late .32 Single-Six production is an SSMBH-4F produced in 2016 and 2017. These are different than the earlier SSMBH-4F because these have a blued cylinder frame whereas all the earlier SSMBH-4F had the color case cylinder frame. There are only 57 like this! 650-57645 to 650-57934.

And my research pulled up another interesting nugget. In 2011 Ruger did a run of what they are calling Ruger model 6536. Well, the 6536 was the John Wayne "DUKE" model with 3-3/4" barrel and birdshead grip frame. But the Duke also had a special serial number sequence of DUKE00001 through DUKE01250. So what are these other 6536's that are noted between 650-57104 and 650-57133? Are they really 3-3/4" barreled guns or do they have the standard KSSMBH-4F barrel length of 4-5/8", and Ruger made a mistake calling them a 6536? I'm thinking they might indeed be an overrun to the DUKE with 3-3/4" barrel and so were not marked with the DUKE special features and were numbered in the standard .32 Mag Single-Six serial number sequence. So if that's the case, RARE GUN!!! Only 30 made!!! 650-57104 to 650-57133. Who will be the first to confirm?
Found this on G.B. Unfortunately the gun pictured doesn't match the box.
The model number and the S/N do fall with the parameters that you mentioned.

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