speed six 2.75" SS-32P

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Re: speed six 2.75" SS-32P

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Looks good!!

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Re: speed six 2.75" SS-32P

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Yes and No, Ruger through the years did produce some Speed Sixes with factory installed Pachmayr grips on them.

The front sight is normally ramped. It is possible the prior owner did a modification to have the gun POI match the POA with a specific load at a specific distance. (Point of Impact, Point of Aim)

Being a foreign contract, Ruger would build them to the buyers specifications (to a point). One India contract specified that they be chambered in .380 Rim (the old .38 S&W and also called .38/200, .38 S&W Short and even 9x20mmR)

That is a good looking Speed Six with either grips on it.
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Re: speed six 2.75" SS-32P

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rkrcpa wrote:
Fri Sep 17, 2021 10:14 am

Were the rubber grips standard on the later Speed Sixes or were these accessories?
If a gun "letters" with a P at the end, like in the title of this thread then yes, it shipped from the factory with Pachmayr grips. The "PS" guns (Postal Service) also had rubber grips.

Beautiful gun ..... one of my all time favorites. You did good!

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