Want a little giggle?

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Want a little giggle?

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Read this on the other forum. See what the OP says towards the end and the replies after that.

https://www.rugerforum.net/threads/anot ... st-4649898
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Re: Want a little giggle?

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Heheh.. :lol:

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Re: Want a little giggle?

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That was a bit funny.

What NOBODY explained fully was that Bill Ruger found that by NOT offering a written warranty, he could not be sued or held liable for folks screwing up his products,, OR,, if he had an issues. However,, he did implement the excellent customer service repair portion,, at a greater savings than having a "warranty" dept. He was a shrewd businessman, and he also built good stuff.

The issues I see that guy having is (a) a used & abused gun, (b) failure to inspect it properly, (c) Canada vs USA, (d) he made a mistake & doesn't want to take any blame.

If I were him, I'd have a friend here in the USA buy a spare barrel, and get it shipped to Canada,, unless the barrel alone is an illegal part to be shipped. Then I'd have a gunsmith swap the barrels. Otherwise,, I'd just keep it,, shooting mild loads only.

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