Lipsey's Exclusive 1-A in 275 Rigby

No. 1 and No. 3
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Lipsey's Exclusive 1-A in 275 Rigby

Post by PhantoM14 »

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I notice a Topic from 2017 with almost the same Subject. But ...

Does anyone know about the prospects for the current, Subject listing on the Ruger site? I've asked the Ruger Customer Service desk and at Lipsey's multiple times over the last several months - but always get the same brush-off that no one knows. Someone must know something or Ruger would remove the listing. There must be some intent. BTW, I want one of these. Anyone else?
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Re: Lipsey's Exclusive 1-A in 275 Rigby

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They still show up on the Lipsey's site because Lipsey' has an open order for them. Now, as to whether they will ever be made? that is the question!!
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Re: Lipsey's Exclusive 1-A in 275 Rigby

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Seems that new manufacture Number Ones have not occurred for well over two years, if my cryptic notes and discussions with Jason C of Lipseys are correct. :roll:

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