Photo Engraving

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d findley
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Photo Engraving

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18 Ruger shotgun receivers set to be photo engraved. August 1978

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Re: Photo Engraving

Post by RocDoc »

This is a great example of what the Ruger Custom Shop should be doing, no interest in anything they offer now

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Re: Photo Engraving

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Is there a photo example somewhere from one of those 18? Does anyone here own one?
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Re: Photo Engraving

Post by chet15 »

These are the "21 Club" Red Label Shotguns.
They don't appear on the market very often.
From the Reference of Ruger Firearms...

“21 Club” presentation 20 Gauge Red Label. Inscribed "To ..." the recipient of the shotgun "from William B. Ruger, 1978". The inscriptions were hand engraved by Bob Kain and the scroll type photo-etching on the left and right sides of the receiver was accomplished by James Triggs. Known s/n's 400-00009 (presented to John T. Amber), 400-00013 (presented to John S. “Jim” Carmichel), 400-00015 (model RL-2016 (presented to Elmer Keith), 400-00018 (presented to Alex Kerr), 400-00022 (presented to Charles A. “Skeeter” Skelton), 400-00023 (presented to Pete Brown), 400-00033 (presented to Peter Barrett), 400-00054 (presented to John R. Wooters), 400-00062 (presented to Colonel Charles Askins, Jr.), 400-00067 (presented to Jon R. Sundra), 400-00080 (presented to Robert W. Zwirz), 400-00081 (presented to George W. Martin, and was reportedly gold inlaid as a sample for Wiliam B. Ruger, Sr. by Alvin A. White), 400-00086 (presented to William H. Jordan), 400-00087 (presented to Robert M. Brister), 400-00153 (presented to Gene A. Hill), 400-00154 (presented to Jerome J. Rakusan), 400-00155 (presented to Claude H. “Grits” Gresham), 400-00157 (presented to Robert Stack), and 400-00158 (presented to G. K. deForest). Nineteen guns produced. They also reportedly have metal grip caps like those used on the Number 1 rifle. Extremely rare."


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Re: Photo Engraving

Post by Carbineguy »

Here's one for sale on Gunbroker:
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