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Re: RUGER sign

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How much does the ride cost or admission fee , I want to go. Very AWESOME my head is going to explode. Very well done.

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Re: RUGER sign

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Beautiful collection and amazing display. What do you use to hold the revolvers up?


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Re: RUGER sign

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I'm happy for you because it turned out really great. Somehow I'm also envious what should express my appreciation.

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Re: RUGER sign

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SteveRuger wrote:
Tue May 26, 2020 4:46 pm
:!: That is just one wall in his vault!
You should see the floor! :shock: :shock:
Steve you made me remember this picture, :) .

The "Mighty Moe" right after Radical finished the vaults floor.



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Re: RUGER sign

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Yes I Remember the picture well and fondly! RIP Moe!
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