Ruger Blackhawk watch

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Ruger Blackhawk watch

Post by 67stingray »

Here's a pretty neat watch I picked up recently. The second hand has a what appears to be a flattop. If anyone remembers anything about where these came from I'd appreciate any info you have.
Thanks, Bennett
Ruger FFT Watch #5.jpg
Ruger FFT Watch #2.jpg
Ruger FFT Watch #4.jpg
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Re: Ruger Blackhawk watch

Post by T.A. Workman »

I like it, 1st one I've seen like that.
Be interesting to see what you find out about it.


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Re: Ruger Blackhawk watch

Post by Watertender »

Bennett you always come up with neat little Ruger tidbits. Very nice my friend!!!
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Re: Ruger Blackhawk watch

Post by contender »

Gosh,, it's been awhile since I dug into my Ruger watches. I'm gonna have to see if any of mine have the revolver as the second hand.

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