A Couple Stainless Rugers

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A Couple Stainless Rugers

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I’ve been pretty good at the gun shows this year, always selling and not buying (minus the 3-screw SBH), but last weekend I slipped. These two were unbelievably priced, and I did wait though until the second day, hoping that someone would buy them so I wouldn’t have to, but noooooo... ;)


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Re: A Couple Stainless Rugers

Post by RugerfanAustria »

Congratulations on the purchase of the two new additions and I wish you a lot of fun and joy with them.

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Re: A Couple Stainless Rugers

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I can't see the picture for some reason.
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Re: A Couple Stainless Rugers

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Repeat after me.... "They followed me home honey, can I keep em? huh huh? Can I keep em?".... That usually works... Nice pair!!
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