A Ruger Enthusiast

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A Ruger Enthusiast

Post by RD350 »

Hello Gents,
Just joined. Have been a small time Ruger collector for some years. Have some interesting pieces. Look forward to learning and interacting with you.
I have a nice Old Army for sale in the classified section as well.

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Re: A Ruger Enthusiast

Post by O M CRAZY »

Welcome aboard Lawrence,
What type of Rugers do you have in your collection? Are you specializing in and one type? Post some pictures of your interesting Rugers, it's easy and we love pictures.


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Re: A Ruger Enthusiast

Post by gunman42782 »

Welcome from KY!
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Re: A Ruger Enthusiast

Post by SteveRuger »

Welcome from the middle of the Rockies!
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Re: A Ruger Enthusiast

Post by RoninPA »

Welcome to the forum from central PA ! Lots of outstanding Ruger knowledge on here and we're very civil. No question is stupid and you'll get straight answers (good and bad) from the people here.

Have you joined ROCS yet? We have a great journal with even more info packed in them and we get, as a group, invited to some prestigious gun shows to display ou7r collections, be they 1 gun or 100.
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Re: A Ruger Enthusiast

Post by 67stingray »

Welcome aboard, look forward to hearing more about your experiences and collection. Like RoninPA said I highly recommend joining as a member, you definitely get more than your monies worth.
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Re: A Ruger Enthusiast

Post by Watertender »

Yes, Welcome! This is a great bunch of people and we have fun. Ruger is spoken fluently here and there is a lot of knowledge that the members share freely
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Re: A Ruger Enthusiast

Post by RD350 »

Thanks Guys,
Growing up in Connecticut, and perhaps my close proximity to Southport, Ruger always seemed to draw my attention (and money). My first firearm purchased in 1981 at age 18 was a 10'22 Sporter which was followed quickly by a Mini14. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have found a few nice, low serial number Rugers which I continue to enjoy. No particular specialty other than liking and collecting certain interesting items from time-to-time so I guess I'm not a "serious collector" .. but I am an enthusiastic collector and student of the brand.

I'll post up a few pics this weekend.
Thanks for the welcome ...

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Re: A Ruger Enthusiast

Post by Carbineguy »

Welcome! Join ROCS! I use The Reference of Ruger Firearms all the time and the Red Eagle News Echange is a great read. I'm a newby and everyone puts up with me. Nice bunch.
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