New here, in NM

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Shark Bait
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New here, in NM

Post by Shark Bait »

Hey everyone. I found this forum while researching my Special Edition Vaquero. I hope to learn more about Rugers in general here.

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Re: New here, in NM

Post by SPAS 15 »

Welcome from the U.K.

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Re: New here, in NM

Post by JimH »

And Welcome from Louisiana, love the country out in NM
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Re: New here, in NM

Post by 67stingray »

Hey Sharkbait, I responded to your post on the Ruger forum. The best answers you'll find of anything Ruger are amongst our members, glad to have you.
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Re: New here, in NM

Post by gunman42782 »

Welcome from KY!
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Re: New here, in NM

Post by Watertender »

Greetings Sharkbait! This is the best bunch of people that know about anything Ruger you can think of. We have fun here so join in the festivities!
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Re: New here, in NM

Post by O M CRAZY »

Welcome Shark bait! Glad to have you with us.
Post a picture of you Vaquero, we love pictures.


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Re: New here, in NM

Post by flattop44 »

Welcome to the ROCS website, happy that you have joined us.

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Re: New here, in NM

Post by Piranha451 »

Welcome from Florida!

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