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les warren
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hey guys touching base
Longtime 10/22 & auto pistol owner
Recently picked up a customized fifties pistol

Wanting to know what work might have been done and who did it, trigger is awesome

I understand we are going to want a look inside ... Do any of these mods need to be undone, loosened, removed, unscrewed, or other manipulation need to be done prior to standard disassembly
Thanks for your help

Image link

Thanks for any help

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Re: fng

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Welcome from KY! I will let others with more knowledge answer your questions.
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Re: fng

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Nice looking ,early MKI-T512....the 5 1/2 inch barrel?? I say that but it does appear to be a larger diameter barrel, so measure it for its actual length, and its on an early A-54 frame and the upper has the early Micro rear sights......aside from the couple of "extra" holes and screws for what appears to be some sort of trigger ,overtravel ?? stop or some such...the round head screw in front of the trigger frame was 'added" as was the small hole and set screw coming upward from the front of the trigger bow....not sure what the extra hole, pin is in front of the trigger pivot pin....any markings on the barrel, frame or receiver of just who may have done the work??? Also does it have the Mark I stamp on the right side ,rear of the receiver?? could be standard auto updated to an adjustable sight, lots of guys in the old days especially military armorers did such wok as this but all the guys I worked with, we stippled the front of the grip frame,,,,the proof will be in just how good it shoots.....welcome to the Forum and best to you in the coming New Year....... 8-) ;)

wanted to add, from what we "see" it should take down ( come apart) as any normal RST or Mark I from back then...empty the gun, magazine out , and the trigger has been pulled ( hammer forward on an EMPTY chamber)lift off and outward the rear mainspring housing lever, swing out ,pull down.....) good luck.......I Know of guys who have NEVER taken their apart, just soak in kerosene, swab out blow out with an air hose and lightly oil,,,repeat...they use them till something "breaks"........

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Re: fng

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Welcome to the board! Image

10/22’s and auto .22 pistols… an excellent combination ;)

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Re: fng

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Hello and welcome from Indiana! ;)
Goodnight Chesty, wherever you are.

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