My Father's collection

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My Father's collection

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Thank you for allowing me to join the Ruger society. I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada My dad collected showed and displayed rugers for over 30 years Was part of the Ruger collectors association as well as the red eagle news exchange. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago and unfortunately we now have to disperse of the over 120 piece. it'll be sad to see it go but there's a lot of great memories that I'll have

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Re: My Father's collection

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Sorry to hear of your loss. Welcome from Louisiana.

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Re: My Father's collection

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Glad to have you join us and sorry about the loss of your father. Would really like to hear more about his collection and your knowledge and experience with collecting in Canada. A great group of very passionate and knowledgeable folks here.
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Re: My Father's collection

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I believe I knew your dad from the Bill Goodman days in Detroit......I sent you a PM.......Jack

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Re: My Father's collection

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Welcome to from an Old Soldier in Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest! HOOAAAHHHH!!!!!

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Re: My Father's collection

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Welcome from KY!
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Re: My Father's collection

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Welcome from Alaska!

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Re: My Father's collection

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Welcome from vienna

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Re: My Father's collection

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Condolences on the loss of your father and welcome from Arizona.

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Re: My Father's collection

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Welcome also from NE Ohio and I too sorry to hear of your Fathers passing...yes many years ago at the Goodman shows my wife rememebred one from up north of the Great Lakes,,,,sad to hear.....Coogs please pass on our condolences........ :(

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