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Post by Jskbar22 »

Thanks for having me. I am an old #1 freak with 6 rifles in my current #1 inventory and two custom guns being built in 375 Flanged and 30-40 Krag. Per agreement with she who must be obeyed for 37 years, I sell something when I acquire something new. I am not a gun show collector, simply an avid user of these guns. Is this forum a sale board? Two rifles I have might be of interest to serious collectors ( 38-55 , 450-400 and 458 Lott ). I want someone to have them at a fair price and enjoy them. 7.62x39 is the smallest caliber I own and 450 #2 the largest. Any advice appreciated. North texas area


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Post by RoninPA »

John, let me be the first to welcome you to the ROCS forum. YES - It is a VERY safe board. There are a lot of long time Ruger owners and collectors and you have just tapped into the mother lode of Ruger knowledge. You'll enjoy it here. Ask ANY question and it will be answered and you will NEVER be belittled for asking any question.

I would suggest that you might really want to join the Ruger Owners and Collectors Society also. Great journals showing a lot of great Rugers. Go to the first page and click on the JOIN tab and it will explain.
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Welcome from KY!
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Post by Watertender »

Welcome to the greatest bunch of people you will ever meet. Everything Ruger is talked about here and we have fun. Jump in and enjoy!
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Post by flattop44 »

Welcome aboard. Those No 1s are addictive and great rifles. Again we hope you will join ROCS.

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Post by O M CRAZY »

Welcome aboard John.
We have several #1 guys in our ranks.


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Post by Mohavesam »

8-) you'll like it here. Quite a few No.1 fans, and good technical info.
I'm not a No.1 guy, but I wouldn't hesitate to take advice from clear, concise replies on this board.
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Post by 67stingray »

Glad to have you John, Ron said it well, you won't regret joining us.
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Post by Brass Frame »

Welcome aboard John to a fine bunch of Ruger collectors. Count me in as a No.1 collector. I lean toward the small boy calibers, especially the early, non prefix serial number rifles. I load and shoot the .22=250, .204 Ruger, .25-06, .222, and .243. I find that the big boy calibers are not as much fun to shoot at paper targets! Enjoy your Rugers and attend one of our display shows as listed on our home page. Brass Frame/Lee E.

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Post by Carbineguy »

Welcome to the forum.
If you drop down to the bottom of the Board Index page you'll find the classified section. I'm sure the No. 1 collectors here would love a shot at them, so to speak. Second on the joining ROCS thang.
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