Primer Market Improving

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Primer Market Improving

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We picked up 400 primers (200 limit per person per day) at Sportsmans Warehouse here in the Boise ID area. The price was $5.03 per hundred (i. e. $50.30/1000). Prices on gunbroker are much worse and all online sellers appear to be out.

I have a Ruger No. 1 in 22 Hornet coming and need everything (brass, primers powder bullets and loading equipment). We did o.k. today, getting primers and dies.
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Re: Primer Market Improving

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Still selling for a hundred bucks a brick here, when anyone has any. KY Gun Company seems to be the only folks that can get any. They will get a entire pallet in when no one else can get a case. I would never pay over 50 bucks for a brick of primers. The whole point of reloading was to save money/shoot more. Luckily I have enough loaded up I probably would not have to load anything the rest of my life.
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