FYI for Maxi owners/collectors

Includes all Post 1973 New Model Single-Sixes, Blackhawks,
Super Blackhawks, Bearcats, Maximums, Bisleys, Vaqueros,
and New Vaqueros.
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FYI for Maxi owners/collectors

Post by RoninPA »

Posted this on the forum, forgot about here:

A friend sent me the link, I have NDIH, he knew I had friends that liked them.

Consecutive s/n Maxiums 600-09963, 600-09964

Talked to Coogs and he thinks they are overpriced in his opinion
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Re: FYI for Maxi owners/collectors

Post by Mohavesam »

Consecutive pairs are hard to find when looking, but don't necessarily double pricing IMO.

I passed on a 7" SRM a couple of weeks ago at the gun show, the seller wanted $1050, which I thought was fair. But it was unfired and no shipper box (not a big deal to me, I'm not a collector).

This pair would probably sell faster around $2000-2100. Yathink?
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Re: FYI for Maxi owners/collectors

Post by Carbineguy »

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