Ruger flattop 44 with 7 1/2 barrel

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Ruger flattop 44 with 7 1/2 barrel

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Hello, I have a question for advance collectors about a 44 Flattop I have. I could sure use a little help. I have called Ruger three times requesting information on this flattop. The first call to costomer service about two years ago, I was told that the flattop shipped in early 1960 and they could not tell me what barrel length it had when shipped due to COVID they were working from home. The next call about a year ago I was told it shipped in late 1959 from customer service again no information on barrel length as they stated they did not have a recored of the length. The last call today to customer service They thought it shipped as a 6 1/2 barrel in 1959. I understand the barrel could have been changed out but it sure all looks correct. I also have no problem paying for the letter, but wanted to make sure it would include my barrel length or it would not be of any use to me if they just state when it shipped. Is it possible that this could have shipped before the BKH46 catalog number at a 7 1/2 and they dont have record of that during that time? This is serial 23099 and has no Ruger eagle logo on the barrel but a standard marking for a flattop barrel not a super blackhawk. Any help would be great. Also does this hurt the value? Thank you

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Re: Ruger flattop 44 with 7 1/2 barrel

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I'm sure the experts will chime in but it sounds like a type 4 BKH47, I believe there was around 2,000 made, does it have a straight slot steel ejector rod housing? Pictures would help identification. If you request additional information for the letter they usually try to dig up what can find.
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Re: Ruger flattop 44 with 7 1/2 barrel

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The best thing you can do is spend the $10 and request a letter for your gun. My letters all show when the gun was made and when it was shipped as well as the model (BKH47 in this case). It also shows to whom the gun was shipped. All that is usually in the letter but sometimes there are records not available and in that case Ruger will not be able to provide that information.
To put your mind at ease, there is a website that has recorded owner given data for everyone to see. Your gun is listed as a BKH47. Please send me a pm and I will give you a link. If you request that letter you will most likely get it in writing from Ruger.

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