NEED HELP -Police Marksman Association Revolvers

Includes the Six Series, Red Hawks, Super Redhawks, GP100s and SP101s.
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NEED HELP -Police Marksman Association Revolvers

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I picked up a Police Marksman Association presentation case years ago, always on the lookout for the revolvers. They only made 1000 sets. The revolvers in a set are:

1 each GA-36T serial number range 156-01001 to 156-02000
1 each KRH-44 serial number range 500-01001 to 500-02000

Well, back in July 2023 I was able to get a KRH-44 s/n 500-01980

So, I was still hunting the GA-36T.

Lo and behold, found one on Gunbroker this week and was able to buy it.
It is s/n 156-01140

So, not a matched set but no holes in the presentation case.

I am now on the hunt for either a KRH-44 s/n 500-01140 or a GA-36T s/n 156-01980

I will swap either of mine gun for gun (as long as they are in as good of condition as mine)

I would like to have a matching set if it can happen. If anyone knows someone who might have one of what I am looking for, let me know and I'll take it from there.

Thank you

I'm going to post this on the Ruger forum and the RCA forum also. Haven't decided what other forums I might use. (wonder how many scammers (not you guys/gals) this will attract :D )
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