New to me Six series DA question

Includes the Six Series, Red Hawks, Super Redhawks, GP100s and SP101s.
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New to me Six series DA question

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Have been discussing the Six series DA's (Security Six, Poice Service Six and Speed Six) with some people and an interesting scenario has come up.

When someone has a Ruger handgun that needs repaired by the factory and it cannot be repaired, Ruger in the past has either replaced it with a like gun or offered a replacement/similar gun at a much lower price. However, most of those guns that were replaced/given discounts seem to be guns that are still being produced.

Has anyone ever heard what Ruger has done in the past if say a Security Six could not be repaired and it wasn't because of neglect, abuse, etc. since the Six series has not been produced since 1988 and Ruger will not take them in for repair any more? Please no conjecture. Has anyone actually heard what Ruger did/didn't do for someone in this situation?

Thanks for any info anyone has.
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Re: New to me Six series DA question

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Years ago Ruger DID replace the Max with a Super, some people got a check for full MSRP regardless of what they paid for the Max.(Walter Howe, head of Ruger Special Projects was fired, for a whole two weeks, for sending out checks) I have talked to customer service a few times, at length, the will NOT accept a Max back.First of all ya need a RA, Return Authorization, to send any gun back. If you tell them you have a Max they will just tell you they no longer service them or have parts for them and will NOT send you a RA. And by the way they will/would not refuse to send your gun back to you if you want it back. I'd call customer service and see what they'll say about the Six Series. Just my two cents.
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