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JULY 17-18, 2021

Narrative by Bill Hamm
Pictures by Terry Hill OGCA Director
& David Faulkner, ROCS Photographer

The ROCS 7th OGCA Display show was another great success! Our displays were once again placed in an island in the middle of the show just as you walked in the door. The OGCA Members attending the show really seemed to enjoy our Rugers. There was a constant crowd viewing the displays, talking with the displayers, asking questions, etc. ROCS Members Bennett and Jonathan Parker and Carl Hollenbeck did a great job manning the ROCS table. They signed up 2 new members and several renewals at the show. They also sold several decks of ROCS Playing Cards to add needed money to our show fund.

This is a very high quality real GUN show with approximately 750 tables. Several members found some treasurers to add to their collections. The OGCA has about 18,000 members. Go to www.OGCA.com to learn more about them and how to join. We highly recommend it!!

As you will see in the individual display write-ups, there were 12 displays of some of the finest and rarest Rugers made. We want to give a big thanks to all of the displayers for their hard work building, transporting, setting up and tearing down their display. A great big thanks to Terry Hill, OGCA Director, and our own David Faulkner, ROCS Photographer, for taking some great photos of the displays and displayers.

Chad Hiddleson, Red Eagle News Exchange, generously awarded a one year free new membership or renewal membership to each class winner and for the RENE Best Ruger of the Show. We sure thank Chad for supporting ROCS and the displayers. The ROCS OGCA Display Show fund provided three trophies for the three class winners. ROCS also provided cash awards for each of the 3 class winners and had a drawing for the Masters class. Two

NRA/ROCS Silver Medals were awarded to the ROCS Best of the Show Ruger firearms Pre 1973 and Post 1973.

Each displayer also received some nice gifts. ROCS Founding Member Tyrone Phillips worked with the CRKT Knife Company to obtain an engraved Ruger knife for each displayer. He did this for last year but the show was cancelled so we got a 2020 dated knife this year!! ROCS then gifted each displayer with a beautiful 2021 dated fixed blade custom made knife and sheath.

A special thanks goes out to every ROCS Member who so generously donated the many auction items. They really brought in needed funds for our awards. Several stepped up and donated a considerable amount of cash. As you all know, without these generous donations for the auction there would be no show awards or funds for other associated expenses. The Awards Dinner and Auction was a lot of fun with about 40 folks in attendance. Lee Sundermeier, ROCS Display Show Coordinator, did another great job putting everything together and making this a really fine-tuned event. OGCA President Sherman Kirkland, his wife, Mari Beth, Director Terry Hill and his wife, Betty, Director Martin Capito and his wife, Maureen and Director and ROCS Founding Member Rod Kirian were in attendance, and we really appreciate their support. We want to give special thanks to Laura Knots, OGCA Business Manager and Sandra Schwab, OGCA Member Services Coordinator, for their dedicated support and help. Without them we could not have pulled this off! Many thanks to Carl “Watertender” Hollenbeck who did a great job entertaining the crowd while handling the auctioneering job.

My personal thanks go out to Judy Links for helping me with the auction items, identifying the winners and keeping tabs of the funds. I could not have done it without her!!

Last but not least, we want to thank each and every displayer and all of the attendees at our Auction and Awards Dinner for your participation and support. They traveled from Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont and probably some other states that I have not named. Without your support these wonderful events would not be possible. So again, thanks to all who donated, attended and all who bought!!

I urge each and every one of you to put together a display….one gun or many. We guarantee that you will have fun and enjoy it. Come and spend a wonderful weekend with members of the ROCS family and like-minded people. Your participation in these events goes a long way in supporting the ROCS efforts to attract new members and educate the public about our great Ruger firearms and memorabilia.

2a - Deb Davis' display.

2b - Deb Davis holding her consecutive numbered Kelly Kimbro tribute guns. ning display.

2c - Deb Davis' two Kelly Kimbro Tribute SP101s.

2d - Deb Davis being presented the Novice class 1st Place Trophy and Cash Award for her win

3a - Dana Ralph's display.

3b - Dana Ralph's display, one of his factory engraved 10/22 rifles closer view.

3c - Dana Ralph at his Award winning display.

3d - Dana Ralph being presented the Intermediate class 1st Place Trophy and Cash Award for his winning display.

4a - Wayne Dennis' display.

4b - Wayne Dennis at his display.

4c - Wayne Dennis' Jeff Quinn Tribute GP100.

4d - Wayne Dennis' numbered to his gun pic of Jeff Quinn on his display.

5a - Tyrone Phillips' display.

5b- Tyrone Phillips at his Award winning display.

5c - Tyrone Phillips' fine 3-digit Hawkeye #596.

5d - Tyrone Phillips being presented the Advanced class 1st place Trophy and Cash Award for his winning

6a - Charlie Davis' display.

6b - Charlie Davis at his display.

6c - Charlie Davis holding one of the consecutive numbered “50 th Anniversary Kittery Tradi ng Post” special rifles.

6d - Charlie Davis being presented the NRA/ROCS Silver Medal #408 for Best of the Show Post- 1973

7a - Bill Hamm's display.

7b - Bill Hamm at his display.

7c - Bill Hamm's single-digit #8 Hawkeye.

7d - Bill Hamm being presented the NRA/ROCS Silver Medal #407 for Best of the Show Pre-1973 Ruger Hawkeye #8.

8a - Lee Sundermeier's display.

8b - Lee Sundermeier at his display.

8c - Lee Sundermeier holding his extremely rare 10-inch Blackhawk .357 Mag. #A 31577.

8d - Lee Sundermeier's Extremely Rare BKH30 #A 31577.

9a - Bill Hightower's display.

9b - Bill Hightower at his display.

9c - Bill Hightower's fine 10-1/2” Super made by Bill Ruger for the International Metal lic Silhouette Association (IMSA).

9d - Bill Hightower winning the Master' Class Cash Award Drawing.

10a - Bill Ridge's display.

10b - Bill Ridge at his display.

10c - Bill Ridge's fine 2-digit Super Blackhawk #43.

10d - Bill Ridge's Tyler Gun Works Single-Six engraved #RSSE-00043.

11a - Ron Lutz’s 16-foot Display of Ruger Double actions.

11b - Ron Lutz at his display.

11c - Ron Lutz's 2-digit Security Six #150-00046.

11d - Ron Lutz's great 2-digit #46 Security Six, a closer view.

12a - Jim Schafer at his great factory engraved Single-Six display. mp; 5102.

12b - Jim Schafer holding his extremely rare Jerred All Blue Engraved Single-Six.

12c - Jim Schafer's Jerred Engraved All Blue Single-Six, a closer view.

12d - Jim Schafer's extremely rare consecutive numbered Spanish engraved RSSEs #5101 &a

13a - Mike Womble's display.

13b - Mike Womble at his display.

13c - Mike Womble's Ed Nolan 2-digit Super Blackhawk #25 closer view.

13d - Ed Nolan's picture and writeup.

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