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5th Annual Huntsville, Alabama Display Show

JAN. 25-26, 2019

Narrative by Bill Hamm
Photographs by David Faulkner


A group of ROCS Members and friends converged on Huntsville, Alabama to participate in the 5th annual "ROCS IN ROCKET CITY" Display Show. They traveled from Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and a few from Alabama. There were twelve outstanding displays of some very fine and rare Ruger firearms for all to view.

Everyone had a great time socializing, answering questions and talking to the public about our Rugers. Lee Sundermeier, Bill Ridge, Mike Womble, Bill Hightower, Ron Lutz and several other Displayers worked the ROCS table telling folks about our club and handing our applications.

We had a real nice awards banquet with some of the best food that can be imagined!! ROCS awarded the class winners with a Crystal Award with their 1 st Place Winner Class and ROCS Logo engraved on them. A special ROCS/NRA Silver Medal was awarded for the two “Best Rugers of the Show”. One was for a Pre-1973 and one was for a Post-1973 Ruger firearm. These Silver Medals will stay with these guns for the rest of its existence.

Each class represented had a drawing for a Ruger firearm and then all displayers names were put in a hat to draw for another fine Ruger. All displayers received a Leatherman Multitool and scabbard for their hard work and ROCS support.

Our host, Allen Daniels, Collectors and Shooters Club, LLC (CASC) gun shows and long time Ruger Collector also presented each class winner and the displayer who traveled the longest distance with very generous cash awards. His son Ryan who manages the show saw to everything that we needed and was on the PA system announcing and directing folks to our displays. We want to thank both Allen and Ryan for hosting us and gifting the displayers so generously.

Chad Hiddleson, Red Eagle News Exchange/RENE, awarded each class winner one free year's subscription to the great RENE publication. RENE will also send an award certificate and free one-year subscription to the winner of the Best Ruger(s) of the Show. This special award certificate can accompany the gun the rest of its life! If you are not already a member of RENE we recommend that you join immediately, you will not be disappointed!!

This show has a great venue and great attendance by the public. Our headquarters hotel, The Embassy Suites, is attached to the Von Braun Civic Center where the show is held. This sure makes coming and going very convenient; never have to move your vehicle or even walk outdoors.

It was another really good get together. We got to spend time with old friends and made new friends. It is just great when you can enjoy spending time with a group of like minded folks who enjoy the same hobby. I encourage any and all of you to come to some of these shows, you will have a fun time.

"The Ruger Gang"
  • Back row left to right:
    • Bill Ridge, Bennett Parker, Ron Lutz, Charles Hainley, Wayne Dennis, Glen Fleming and Vince Carabetta.
  • Front row left to right:
    • Johnathan Parker, Cael Hollenbeck, Bill Hamm, Bill Hightower, Lee Sundermeier, Mike Womble and Lee Newton.
Charles Hainley

Awarded 1st Place Advanced Class

Charles Hainley
Awarded 1st Place Advanced Class for his display.

Charles Hainley,
Advance Class, at his display.

Single-Six 32 H&R #650-00117.

Charles Hainley
Bearcat from Advanced Class drawing.
Glen Fleming

Advanced Class

Glen Fleming,
Advanced Class, at his display.

Glen Fleming,
10 inch 44 Flattop.
Bennet Parker

Awarded 1st Place Novice Class

Awarded 1st Place Novice Class for his display.   Johnathan Parker at his Dad's display.   Two Special Edition 10/22s -
Ruger 10/22 40th Anniversary & Canadian Centennial.  
10th Anniversay LCP
Novice Class.  
Vince Carabetta

"ROCS/NRA Silver Medal #403"

Vince Carabetta Awarded
"ROCS/NRA Silver Medal #403"
for Super Blackhawk S40,
serial number 1505, with its
ultra-rare 10" barrel.

Vince Carabetta,
Masters Class, at his display.

Super Blackhawk
S40 #1505
10" barrel.
Ron Lutz

"ROCS/NRA Silver Medal #404"

Ron Lutz Awarded
"ROCS/NRA Silver Medal #404"
for his GP-100 two-digit #170-00046.  

Ron Lutz,
Masters Class, at his display.  

Silver Medal Award
winning GP-100,
KGP-141, #170-00046.  
Bill Hightower

Master Class

Bill Hightower, Masters Class, at his display.  

The Complete Package Blackhawk
.41 Magnum two-digit #50.  

Bill Hightower with his Single-Six .22/22 Mag
Won in the All Displayers Drawing  
Bill Hamm

Master Class

Bill Hamm, Masters Class, at his display.

Consecutive pair of Long Frame Supers, #19 and #20.
Lee Newton

Master Class

Larry Koller


Lee Newton,
Masters Class, at his display.

Larry Koller's
Single-Six .22 caliber serial number 22.
Bill Ridge

Master Class

Bill Ridge,
Masters Class, at one of his two displays.

Bill Workman's
10/22 serial number 43.

44 Magnum Display

Deerstalker Serial 43

ROCS 60th Anniversary Super Blackhawk
serial number ROCS-043.
Lee Sundermeier

Master Class

Lee Sundermeier,
Masters Class, at his display.

Consecutive numbered pair of first year Blackhawk
.357 Mags, serial number 163 & 164.

Mike Womble,
Masters Class, at his display.

Factory Engraved Single-Six
(RSSE) #100087, one of the last 7 made.  

Mike Womble
with engraved SP101 .357 Mag.
that he won in the Masters Class drawing.

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