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The 6 th Annual ROCS Display Show Jan. 23 & 24, 2021

A few TRUE Ruger addicts once again traveled to Huntsville, Alabama for the 6 th Annual ROCS Display show and gathering. Due to the evil virus, several normal attendees were not able to attend but the few that did really had a great time. The show was smaller than usual table wise, but attendance was great! The four ROCS displays included some fine Rugers. The public asked several questions and seemed to enjoy the displays.
The displayers received prizes from ROCS and the CASC show promoters, Allen Daniels and his son, Ryan Wells. Allen has special knives made with ROCS and the show date engraved on the blade and woolly mammoth ivory scales! The knives are simply beautiful!! The Red Eagle News Exchange gave a 1-year free subscription for their judged “Best Ruger of the Show” and winner of the Advanced class display. ROCS presented NRA/ROCS Silver Medals to their "Best Ruger of the Show" pre- and post-1973 produced Rugers.
A good time was had by all. Even though we had a small group the stories and tales told were as big as you could get!! I want to thank Mike Womble and Ron Lutz for manning the ROCS table. We certainly appreciate the dedication of all the displayers and the hard work that was put into building these great displays. It really helps get the identity of our club out there and attract new members.
Next year’s ROCS Display Show in Alabama will be held at the Met Complex in Hoover, AL just south of Birmingham. It usually takes place the first week of February. It is a bigger show and great facilities. I want to invite any and all ROCS members to bring a display and join in the fun.
Allen Daniels - Show Promoter

Handmade Knives with ROCS logo
Presented to displayers

Handmade Knives with ROCS Logo and Woolly Mammoth Scales given to Displayers by Allen Daniels, Show Promoter.  

Close up of ROCS and Show date on blade of the handmade Knives with Woolly Mammoth Scales given to Displayers by Allen Daniels, Show Promoter.  

Glen Fleming


Awarded 1 st Place Advanced Class!  


Mike Womble



Mike Womble at his Display.
Ron Lutz



Ron Lutz at his Display.  

Ron Lutz NRA/ROCS Silver Metal #406 Winner India Police Contract Speed Six .380 Rim 2-3/4” Barrel.  
Bill Hamm

Master Class

Bill Hamm's "THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT!" Display.  

Bill Hamm at his Display.  

Bill Hamm's NRA/ROCS Silver Metal #405 Winner Elmer Keith's 4-5/8” short barrel .44 Flattop.  

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