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Novice Class

  Don Thomas took home top honors in winning the novice class His display: Ruger Express Rifle “Did You Know”  

Dons display was very well done and provided a great showing for these special bolt guns

Displayed were five express rifles model M77RSEXPMKII. The theme of the display was to show an example of three features of the rifles that are not well known to the public

One of those features is that Ruger produced the rifles using two different type actions. 3 of the 5 rifles have a push feed type action. The other two rifles have a controlled feed action.

The second feature is that 3 different serial number prefixes were used. The 3 prefixes are 760,780 and 781.

The third feature is that the 25-06 express rifle is the first 25-06 rifle produced by Ruger that has a lightweight 22” barrel. All 25-06 produced prior to the express rifle had a longer and heavier contour barrel.

The 25-06 is a rare rifle in this configuration.

Congratulations to John on such a fine display. We look forward to many more!!


Ken Goodman added another unique rifle display.  Titled 30-40 KRAG  

Ken featured some of the known Ruger rifles chambered for the old Krag round

A Number One 1A model was the only red pad gun. There were only 4 ever made in this configuration as well as 4 more in the 1S configuration.

(Authors note; It is my understanding that the other three 1A’s did not have a red pad. The other 3 of 4 were a black pad. This makes this a truly unique rifle)

The beautiful RMEF edition that was hand engraved by Adams and Adams. This rare rifle is a 1 of 40.  

 A pair of 134 series rifles both the 1A model both with Black pad rounded out the display.


Intermediate Class

First place in the Intermediate class went to John R. Harrel display of “Ruger Handguns 28 Cartridges”

Johns display featured old model and new model Revolvers as well as autos

John had 29 Handguns chambered in 28 cartridges.  Each gun was marked on frame, cylinder or barrel for a specific cartridge. John has a preference for the Single action revolvers with the double action revolvers a close second. Rounding out his interests are the semi auto pistols

 Some of his Special Guns were the rare Single-Six Hunter 17M2/17HMR, P89 Pistol in  9x2MM

A Security Six in 380 Rimmed and a beautiful and uncommon Bearcat dual cylinder 22LR/22MAG


Others Displayers in the class were

Buddy Bailey and the “ History of Ruger 44, Magnum Rifles’

Buddys display was well received by the public.

The story goes that Bill Ruger wanted a rifle to go with his flat top 44 Mag Revolvers. Several of the Deerstalkers were shown.  The deerstalker S/N 365, a carbine with peep sight followed by the carbine with a Mannlicher stock. Another in the display is checkered. Later Ruger made the #3 in 44 mag. The  rifle serial #5 was displayed. Ruger also made a lever action in 44 mag and later on put the 44 mag in a virtual copy of the mini 14.

Finally, and still being produced is the M77 in a variety of models.

Probably the hardest to find would be the #3 or Mannlicher stocked (checkered)


Next was Mike and Kim Kamler “Rugers Black Attack”

The husband and wife duos display was a more modern take on some of Rugers finest rifles

Several of the Ruger autos were on display. A Full Auto PC-9 and  AC-556 Full Auto both  folder and non-folder, with and without suppressors.

Others included were Ruger Mini-14 in law enforcement with bayonet,  Mini-14 in .222,  Mini-14 in 7.62x39 and Several SR and  AR Ruger Rifles

For comparisons a Knights armament Co. Stoner 63A Belt fed Machine Gun and a Picture of Mikes brother JIM in Vietnam holding a M-60


Doug Jones  and his Ruger 44 Carbines were next up

Doug had both Factory checkered sporter and international models.

A super rare Ruger factory test gun and perhaps even harder to find  RS/S model. Doug also had on a display Deerstalker serial number 1859


Bill Ridge brought “My Ruger Birdheads”

Bills informative display showed the history of the Vaquero and a majority of the original birds head models made from 2001-2005.

Included the   blued "Last Cowboy" models in both 45 LC and 32 H&R Mag. Bill had on display  a consecutive serial number set of John Wayne "DUKE" revolvers. Also both blued and stainless distributor exclusive AcuSport 45 LC's with unusual 4 5/8" barrels.

The New Vaquero is represented with all four TALO models in consecutive serial number sets.

Bills backdrop is divided into three sections. Original Vaquero, SSM, and New Vaquero.


Advanced Class

  Tom Hutton and his display titled “61 Calibers of the Ruger No. 1 Rifle”  took home the top place finish for the category

All calibers commercially produced of the No. 1. Also includes a dummy round of ammo for each were shown Toms display Includes early No. 1 advertising announcement, banner and photo. Includes only known stainless international in standard configuration.

Tom also took the first place finish for all displays at the Wanenmacher Tulsa Arms Display Show. Congratulations to TOM for all his hard work.


Also in the advanced class were,

  Steve Adamson and his White Box Super Blackhawks 1960-1961 display.

This display shows the complete history of why the white boxes came about. Showing Mahogany box originally being shipped with the super Blackhawk.

Steve had Letters from Ruger describing the factory burned down and now shipping in the white boxes at a reduced price. Display shows the lowest known white box #9 that was given to John Amber from Bill Ruger that is a long frame white box completed with shipping sleeve. A pair of constative white boxed supers. Also #10946 which is the highest know white box super. The display had the lowest to the highest white boxes. Total of 8 white boxed guns and one Mahogany cased long frame #997

Steve also had  the telescoping box that Ruger (#11791) shipped in 1961 thru 1975. A few personal photos of hunts with his son completed his fine display. Steve’s display took home best display of show from ROCS as judged by his peers.  Steve also  took home the number two overall award from the Wanenmacher Tulsa Arms Display Show helping ROCS finish strong with a one/two finish for high honors.

Steve also won the Best Ruger Display of show as judged by his peers. Congratulations Steve.


Mark Rendina and his beautiful Ruger #3  

Marks display gave us a fine showing of Bill Ruger other single shot rifle. Mark had on display All calibers of the Ruger #3 45-70,44mag, 375 Winchester, 30-40 Krag, 223 and 22 hornet.

Mark also have all of the 1976 issued #3’s that were liberty inscribed Made in the 200 th  Year of American liberty

Ahso shown was and Early 1 st  Issue 45/70 #000218. A Rare Single Slot Screw Receiver on #218 that is one of  Only 11 known

As part of Marks display he added a unique piece of History. Elmer Keith’s Personal carry Ruger 45LC inscribed in silver “Elmer Keith” with original documentation. A very nice find for Mark.



Lee Sundermeier  brought his educational display   No. 1 Ruger Rifles, The Transition Years

Lees Display contained one rifle of every model offered in the Ruger catalog, from 1970 to 1974.

The rifles were displayed in the same order as they appear in catalogs and factory advertisements.

These rifles represent the first production guns, following the non-prefix serial numbered rifles of 1967 through 1969.

The display contains a different caliber for each model of No. 1 Rifles made. With All rifles having a 130 prefix serial number. During this transitional period rifles still had a hand fit action that is serial numbered to the receiver with the last four numbers the same as was done on the none prefix.

Authors note; It is my opinion that these transitional rifles are some of the most unique and best value in the Number One Market. The have all of the high quality features that the non-prefix rifles did including Douglas match grade barrels, fully adjustable trigger and the early checking patters on most.

As such they look, feel and shoot exactly the same as their non-prefix counterparts. They are a great investment and my personal choice for many of my hunting rifles.

Congratulations to Lee on an informative and beautiful display.


Tom Braden and his The Beautiful .357 flattops – The First Year  

Toms display gave great representation to the flattops

Toms display featured Serial #’s 91, 113, 202, 331, 416,568, 645, 771, 803, 999.

Tom added some historical documentation with American rifleman ads from August and September 1995, Ruger Blackhawk Revolver review in December 1955. American rifleman,

A copy of a jobber letter of introduction of .357 is the 1955 Ruger catalog.

An undated single six manual with .357 insert, original warranty card, Ruger discoloration notice, 10 th  anniversary Gun Digest with Blackhawk cutaway on cover, split top shipper with un-cataloged box, oil-wrap and tissue, Ruger plate picturing red barn where first .357’s were made.


  Terry Wolosek brought the “Ruger In The Rough”

Terry’s   display featured investment castings and unfinished prototypes from factory engraved No 1 receiver.

Terry had everything from Gold Labels shotgun receivers to gold anodized grip frames. From ivory grips stag grips down to rusty single conception cylinders and frames. From hammers down too  factory cut-a-ways new model single actions showing cylinder paw and transfer ban system,

 M77 coated receivers, a bolt with claw extractors a trait of Ruger rings and M77 prototype bolt and receiver to be magazine fed instead of a box feed.

Terry’s display shown a very different and raw side of the quality that Ruger is know for. Terry may not have had the prettiest display in attendance but it was one of he most educational ROCS displays I have ever seen.



The Radical one Rod Kirian display was titled “Radical Rod’s Rare Rugers”

Rod had on display a variety of Ruger  Old model  Revolvers and Autos. 15 in all of Rods favorite rare Ruger’s!

Rod said the hard part is sorting them down to that number!

Swidth="600" alt Cod Box Standard auto, D marked guns, S marked guns. Consecutive pair factory nickel and engraved D/S guns!! Even and duplicate marked “D” gun with and “S” on it

So Many Rugers so little time and Rod says. Thank you to Rod for sharing with the publicly some very unique and special pieces


Jerry Hertel brought us the Ruger Old Model Lightweights

Jerrys display featured several types of the infamous lightweights. His display of old model lightweights include a consecutive pair 200684 & 200685  Four of the S marked guns, both types. Serial # 201183  was recently featured in (Man at arms) magazine. A few other lightweights  and two 200,000 range RSS-5 guns serial numbers 244194 & 244301 both boxed. Four black wreath & four green wreath boxes. Some Rare Rugers indeed.

Thank you Jerry.


David Lortscher brought out his display of “Ruger Lyman Centennials”

David’s display had one of each grade of the three Lyman rifles.

The grade I rifles were limited to 1 of 100. Each rifles was uniquely hand engraved to represent a year in the first centennial Lyman was in business. They featured XX Fajen custom stocks and gold inlay. Like all Ruger Lyman rifles they had a full length Lyman 4x scope.

The Grade one rifles were shipped in a French fitted walnut case with red velvet interior. Loading tools, 4 piece die set and all the other accessories were included.

The Grade II rifles were also cased form the factory but made of mahogany not walnut. The interior was green velvet instead of red. Other that than the accessories were the same basic ones the Grade one had though the die set was a three piece. The engraving on these 1 of 1000 rifles was done by machine and the stock was a factory made walnut Number One stock.

Perhaps the rarest of the three is the overrun rifles. 35 extra rifles were made at the time of the joint Ruger/Lyman project. They were eventual sold to the public and typically were shipped in a two pieced brown Number One box.  This particular example is the only know overrun rifle to ship with a factory hard case. Included on display was a letter from Lyman showing this and also the original shipping carton showing where the rifle was shipped too .

Part of David’s display also included a pair of Bone made Ruger Falcon knives. Both the Number 2 knives and its original box and the #10 knife and its custom case. These knives were part of a Ruger approved project spearheaded by Ray Morgan and Don Findley. The Morgan and Findley knives are seldom seen and even more rarely seen for sale. The #10 knife was Mr. Findleys personal knife. Don had it scrimshawed and engraved to his liking.

The Number 2 knife is the lowest number offered to the public. The whereabouts of #1 is unknown at this time but is believed to be in Texas with the Bone family or possibly still with the Ruger family. David would all appreciate any knowledge of it location

David would like to thank Don Douglas for without his assistance this display would have never been possible.


The Master Class

The Mater class is truly educational and inspiring. A culmination d of years of searching, investing and display knowledge is put into these. These displayers do not compete with other ROCS members but share their display knowledge freely with all so the world may be better informed about the passion we all hold so dear. Our love of all things Ruger.

Mike Wombles  Old Model display was titled “Two Pair”

 Mikes display features “Two Pair” of Ruger old model revolvers. A consecutive numbered pair of factory engraved Single Sixes and a consecutive number pair of Ruger flattop .44 magnum revolvers. The engraved Single sixes are #30839 + 30840, one with walnut grips and the other with factory stag grips.

The .44, are #25 + 26. #25 is fitted with prototype engraved walnut grip panels believed to be done by Charles Jerred, and #26 fitted with factory ivory grips.

All four guns are shown with their factory boxes, and shipping sleeves includes on #25 and #26. Period ammunition, ads, catalogs, and manuals are also shown.

A very impressive display by Mike. Thank you for sharing them with us!!


Bill Hightower display titled “Super Rare”

Bill shown two of the rarest super Blackhawks made.

The first was serial  #13716 that was shipped Nov. ’63 as a factory second or used gun There is  only 1 or 2 that are known to exist like this.

The second is serial #36012 that was shipped in May ’68 with a brass grip frame Though not as rare as t13716 this is still a very rare revolver being  1 of 20 that were know to have been made.


Bill Hamm put together his  “Flatgates & Flattops” Display

Bill’s display of “Flatgates & Flattops” included examples of Ruger’s first single action Rimfire revolver, the .22 caliber Single-six “Flatgate” and examples of the first Centerfire revolver, the .357 Black hawk “Flattop”.  

Displayed as part of Bills showing were:

Single-Six Flatgate #29. A fine NIB example! This two digit gem was as pristine as they come

Bill added the Single-Six Flatgate serial #50 & Blackhawk .357 Flattop serial #50. Both are NIB with their shippers and sported beautiful factory ivories.

The Blackhawk .357 Flattops serial #28 and serial #46 Both wore fine looking factory stags. We would be hard pressed to find a finer looking pair of factory stag sixguns!!

The Single-Six Flatgate LWAC serial #200199 and a Green Wreath boxed Lightweight Tri-Color rounded out the fine display.

To complete his display Bill has as accompaniments original period advertisements, catalogs and instruction manuals enhanced the display.

Thank you Bill for showing us these beautiful revolvers.


Don Findley displayed THE HOLY GRAIL from the Personal Collection of William B. Ruger 

Don put on display the Ruger Blackhawk BKH4 serial # 2165 shipped to Charles Jerred in 1957 for gold inlay & engraving. This is 1 of only 6 .44 Flattops Factory engraved. None were ever offered for public sale making this an extremely rare find for a collector. It remained in Bill Ruger's personal collection until after his death in 2002. It may be the pinnacle find for Donnie and is indeed a “Holy Grail” in the collecting world. Thank you for sharing Don.


Terry Wolosek and Lee Newton had some fun with a play on words with “Full House or a Straight??”

The Model 77’s on display were serial number 1, 3 and 5.

The Number Ones on display were serials 2 and 4.  Number 2 is a BB configuration 25-06.  Number 4 was a BH configuration 222

The clay poker chips  on display were one of 25 sets known to exist. The other poker set was avaible though Ruger. Though the production number  is unknown they are not often seen. A couple vintage decks of Ruger cards completed the display.

Terry was awarded the Red Eagle New Exchange “Best Ruger of Show” For his Serial Number 1 model 77. Terry wins a nice award and a years subscription to the RENE newsletter. Congratulations Terry.


The Reunion

The 5 Rugers that were sold at the Julia Auction. The four new owners brought them back together for one last reunion

Bill Ruger assigned his friend Elmer Keith the Low Subscription Number 15.  Bill Ruger gave Elmer most of the #15 guns including the #15 Bearcat.  Elmer in turn gave #15 Bearcat to his son Keith to carry when jumping forest fires in the summer.  He had this special holster made for him to carry the Cat in.  It has a buckle on the hold down strap to keep the little revolver secure when parachuting out of the plane.

The Ruger Blackhawk .44 Flattop #2331 was given to Elmer Keith by Bill Ruger.  Elmer had requested a .44 Magnum Flattop with a 4-5/8" barrel and Bill had one special made and gave it to him.  It is one of only two known to be produced by the factory.

The Number One  in 375 H&H was a “21club” writers gun. Serial number 15

Jerrod engraved Super Blackhawk serial 1806

Prototype Super Blackhawk serial 1500


All in all our Second annual Tulsa display show was a huge success. Special thanks to Joe, Mark and Bunny Wanenmacher as well as all there staff for helping us make this show the success that it was.

21 displays in all make this one of the largest public displays of Rugers ever assembled

Thank you to all who displayed, attended and supported our display show. We hope to see you all next year in Tulsa or at another ROCS display show near you

David Lortscher

If you shoot, carry, hunt with or collect Rugers, join our team!

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