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2016 ROCS Display Show at the Wanenmacher Tulsa Arms Show

Nov, 12th & 13th



Sharing with our ROCS Members who were unable to attend
the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting

Lee's outstanding display of these special "21 Club" No. 1 rifles, all of which were engraved by Master Engraver Alvin A. White, was simply breathtaking!! These are all special presentation rifles, no engraved No. 1s were ever sold by the factory. It is thought that up to about 35 of these special rifles were made.

Several of these rifles were made for the noted and well known gun writers of the time. Fourteen of these A. A. White engraved rifles were displayed. Two were privately commissioned and custom stocked by name stock makers of the era. These two were engraved in the same style of the factory 21 Club rifles.

Icluded were:

No finer group of Ruger No. 1 rifles exist anywhere in the world!! We were very fortunate to have been able to see them and this part of Ruger history.



This display was in the memory of our recently passed brother, Tom "Tommygun" Braden. Tom truly loved and sought after the beautiful .357 "Flattops"!! His displays were of the finest content. Displayed were #51 .357 Flattop that came from the Fred Davis collection and two fine .357 Flattops that once belonged to Tom which he traded to find other variations or numbers to fit into his collection.

Tom is sorely missed.


Displayer: Mike Kamler, Awarded 1 st Place Novice Class

Mike's display consists of a consecutive pair of very low numbered single-digit OLD ARMYS, plus a single-digit prefix gun with the same number. The serial numbers were 4, 5 and 140-00005. Also displayed were boxes & paper work, several books signed by Bill Ruger, Sr. and other items of interest.

A great showing of these fine Ruger black power revolvers.

My African Hunt

Displayer: Ryan Meyer, Novice Class

Ryan's display shows the African hunt he won last year at the ROCS Tulsa Auction. There is a slide show, detailing the trip, set up on the table along with the Ruger rifle used and miscellaneous pictures.

This is a very interesting display of a very successful African hunt with Ruger firearms.

Ruger #3's - Special Guns, Special People

Displayer: Dan Vande Griend, Awarded 1 st Place Intermediate
Award: RENE Best Ruger of the Show, Bill Ruger's No. 3 .30-06
Display was voted as the "Most Appealing Display"

Dan's great No. 3 rifle display consisted of several single and double digit No. 3's and information about the important men that once owned them.

Most of the guns on display were gifted to these men by Bill Ruger, Sr. They were close friends or business partners.

Dan's display also contains a few "One of a kind" No. 3's. There was a prototype that was used in early testing. The "Guns & Ammo" gun that was shot, then wrote about by Payton Miller. The only known No. 3 chambered in .30-06 to exist outside of Ruger's doors that was built especially for Bill Ruger. And finally the No. 3 chambered in .30 Carbine Viper that was used in the military.

Dan really took home the Awards!! This was only his 2 nd time displaying with ROCS. What a great showing of some very rare and unique Ruger No. 3 rifles!!

Non-Prefix No. 1 Rifles with Target Blocks

Displayer: Byron Hunsinger, Intermediate Class

Byron's display consists of early No. 1 rifles that were especially equipped with "Blocks" to accept the "Unertl" type target scope. They were only produced on the early non-prefix rifles.

Included in his display is a prototype rifle in 6mm Rem. with the heavy "D" weight barrel. This is the only rifle ever produced in this configueration.


Displayer: Steve Adamson, Awarded 1 st Place Advanced Class

Steve's display shows a consecutive representation of the different Single-Six marked guns in each of the different barrel lengths made from the first Single-Six Flatgates to the last New Models being stamped a center fire Single-Six 32 H&R.

Three consecutive Single-Six "Flatgates" with standard 5-1/2" barrels; #458, #459 and #460. All have factory stag grips with their proper boxes and paper work.

Three consecutive, rare and seldom seen Single-Six "Lightweights", #200082, #200083 and #200084. All have either factory stag or very rare factory Ivory grip panels. These "Lightweights" are commonly known by collectors as "Tri-Colors" for the 3 different colors on these fine revolvers. All Lightweights were shipped with the 4 5/8" barrel only. There even more rare boxes are also on display.

A consecutive pair of Ruger Single-Six's in the Win. .22RF MAG., #300022 and #300023. Number 300022 was a proto-type and has the original black hard rubber grips and shows wear from being fired and handled by many. #300023 is LNIB with factory stag grips. All RSSM's were shipped with a 6 ┬" barrel. The early guns were .22 Magnums only. Boxes and paper work are also shown.

A consecutive pair of Ruger Single-Six's, model RSS9X, #442766 and #442767. The RSS9X stands for a 9-1/2" barrel Ruger Single-Six with an extra .22 Mag. cylinder. One gun is out of the box to show how it was packed some 50 years ago.

A consecutive pair Ruger NM "Colorado Centennials", #76-00009 shipped to John Amber and serial #76-00010 shipped to Leonard Brownell. Both have their shipping sleeve and fitted Walnut display cases.

A consecutive pair of NM Ruger Single-Six "Center Fire" revolvers chambered in .32 H&R Magnum, both with 6 ┬" barrels, #610-00018 and #610-00019. Both shipped in the Yellow one piece box with shipping sleeve.

This is a fine display full of rare numbers!! Great display Steve.


Displayer: Jerry Hertel, Advanced Class

Jerry's outstanding display consisted of seven "OLD" model .30 Caliber Blackhawks.

Displayed were a single-digit gun, #5, once owned by Tom Ruger, four two-digit guns, one three-digit gun and an extremely rare "S" marked prefix gun. This is the only known "S" gun in .30 Caliber.

Also shown are related item to round out his display.

A very fine display, highlighting the old model 3-screw .30 Caliber Blackhawk with very early rare guns.

Excellent display, this is a very fine showing of some rare .30 Caliber Blackhawks!!


Displayer: Terry Wolosek, Advanced Class

Terry's display consisted of two very special M77 rifles. The first is a model M77R in .243 Cal. This is the very first rifle produced in 1969 after the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act. It is serial number 70-00001. The second is a model M77RLS in .270 Cal. This gun is exactly 1,000,000,000 guns away from the first, serial number 771-00001.

It is quite a feat to put this unique pair of fine M77s together!!


Displayer: Bill Ridge, Advanced Class

A historical display of the Birds Head Vaquero and most models including Single-Six and Bearcat fixed sight Birds Head models. The display is divided into three sections.

The Ruger No. 1 International

Displayer: Tom Hutton, Advanced Class

Tom displayed fifteen of the fine No. 1 International stocked rifles. Ruger introduced the No. 1 International, or RSI, in 1983. It was a logical addition to the No. 1 lineup after the 10/22, .44 Carbine and M77 had been previously offered with a full length forearm. It was originally offered in four calibers: .243 Win, .270 Win, 7x57 and .30-06. The cataloged calibers remained unchanged until the .243 Win was dropped in 2007. In 2011, the 300 RCM was added to the catalog, but it too was dropped in 2012.

In 2013, Ruger began offering only one caliber in each of the variations, and are as follows: 2013 - 7x57, 2014 - .257 Roberts, 2015 - 6.5x55 and 2016 a stainless .308 It is worth noting that just because a particular caliber was cataloged for a certain year, does not indicate any were produced. There were many years that no rifles would be made in a cataloged caliber.

There also are a very few calibers that were never cataloged. These include the 7mm-08, .275 Rigby for the Dallas Arms Collectors Association, .303 British and the 30-40 Krag (for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation). The 7mm-08 in this display is the only one known. There are estimated to be around 20 rifles chambered in.303 British, 104 of the .275 Rigby's and 60 of the 30-40 Krags.

The stainless .30-06 is thought to be an overrun from the RMEF series and is the only one known. The blue .308 is one of five that were made in 2014, prior to the introduction of the stainless .308.


Displayer: Jim Schafer, Masters Class

As this is the 60th year of the .44 "Flattop", Jim decided to bring out his collection of 44s for us all to see and enjoy.

His display included 17 Flattops from 3-digit guns to 5-digit guns. Included were: Four 3-digit guns. Included in these was a pair of consecutive guns, #456 & #457. #457 is a very rare Type 1 with its small seriated ejector button and #456 is a Type 2 with a concave/dimpled button.

Thirteen guns in the display were BKH4/BKH46s with 6 1/2" barrels.

One BKH47 with its 7 1/2" barrel.

Three BKH40s with their 10" barrels.

Also on display were three sets of factory Stag grips and one set of carved grips.

This was certainly a fine showing to commemorate the 60 th birthday of the great Ruger .44 "Flattop".


Displayer: Mike Womble, Masters Class

Mike's great .44 Magnum revolver display features 4 Ruger Single Action revolvers each owned by a "VIP" of the Ruger world.

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