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November 13th - 14th, 2021

Narrative by Bill Hamm
Pictures by David Faulkner

We want to thank Mr. Joe Wanenmacher once again for inviting the Ruger Owners & Collectors Society (ROCS) to bring our displays to his great Tulsa Arms Show. Mr. Wanenmacher's show has about 4,200 tables with just about anything a gun person could desire. A lot of great Rugers of all types and variations were for sale and/or trade and some great treasures went home with collectors!

It is sure great to be back in Tulsa after last year's show was cancelled due to the evil virus. We want to thank all the displayers, many of whom traveled long distances, for sharing their outstanding Rugers with other collectors and the public. It was very evident that a lot of time, research and hard work was put into getting these quality displays ready for the show. Everyone really should plan to come to this great annual event. You will not be sorry!!

We signed up a New Members and several Renewals at the show. Many thanks go out to Bubba Bright and Bennett and Jonathan Parker who manned the ROCS table during the show. They did an outstanding job!!


Mike Kamler opened the Saturday Evening Awards dinner and auction event with a pledge of allegiance to the USA Flag and a prayer led by Lee Sundermeier. The event was a great success! Mike and Kim Kamler organized and ran this evening event this year and did a great job. We salute them for their hard work!!

Our guest speaker was Mr. Steve Sanetti, former President of Sturm, Ruger & Co., and former President of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Steve's presentation was great!! We could have listened to him for a much longer time!! Steve was presented a ROCS Honorary membership. We send out our thanks to Steve for joining us and making a wonderful presentation about Mr. Ruger. Special thanks to the Ruger Company for generously donating three very rare Ruger firearms for the silent auction. These guns brought in quite a few dollars!!

Vince Carabetta oversaw the display judging and announced the class winners. 1st Place winners in the Advanced, Intermediate and Novice Category received a nice cash award. A drawing was held for the Masters Class cash award. The winner of the "Best Ruger Firearm of the Show produced 1973 and pre-1973" and the winner of the "Best Ruger Firearm of the Show produced 1973 and post-1973" received ROCS/NRA Silver Medals #408 and #409 respectively.

Chad Hiddleson, owner of the Red Eagle News Exchange, gave a one-year free RENE membership to the class winners and an Award Certificate and one-year free RENE Membership for the RENE “Best Ruger Firearms of the Show”. We want to thank Chad for supporting our Ruger collecting hobby. Become a member of the RENE; the information found in the RENE quarterly issues is invaluable.

Terry Wolosek did his usual great auctioneering job. Many auction items were contributed by various members, and we want to thank them for their generosity. No item is too big or small, they all help raise funds for our displayer awards.

I also want to give a big thanks to all of the members who bid so generously on the auction items, you made the show a great success!!

I also want to recognize David Faulkner for his great pictures of the displays!! Also, a big THANK YOU to Kim Kamler for managing and tallying the auction results. Kim made my collection of the Auction funds easy!!

Please, plan now to come to our next display show in Huntsville, AL January 22 & 23, 2022. Then the OGCA July 16 & 17 and/or Tulsa November 12 & 13 !! Support ROCS with your attendance!!

Descriptions and pictures of the displays are shown below:

Todd Matthies being presented 1st Place Novice Class.

Todd's great Skeeter and Hank Jr. guns display.

Todd at his outstanding award winning display!

Mike Grabowski at his great display.

Mike’s informative poster and page 28 from R. L. Wilson's "Ruger & His Guns" book.

Mike's extremely rare Bill Ruger's Chromed MK1.

Tim Bailey's display of very rare Ruger Corporation Tools.

Tim and Terrell Skorvaga at his display.

Tim's very rare Ruger Corp. Breast drill and its even rarer surviving original box!

Joel Adamson being Presented 1st Place Intermediate Class.

Joel at his Award winning Ruger 22 Hornet display.

Joel's extremely rare Super Redhawk chambered in 22 Hornet.

Bennett Parker's great Ruger "Phoenix" pistol and revolver display.

Bennett at his display.

Closer view of the "Phoenix" pistol & revolver.

J. C. Gentry's very informative "Five Major Variations of the .357 Flattop" display.

J. C. at his fine display.

One of JS's outstanding .357 Flattops with a beautiful pluming cylinder frame.

Jerry Hertel being presented the NRA/ROCS Silver Medal #409 for his single-digit Spanish Engraved RSSE Single-Six #7.

Jerry and Loren Davis at his multi award winning breath taking display!!

Jerry's first Spanish engraved RSSE #7 with its NRA/ROCS Silver Medal #409.

Bill Hamm's Hawkeye #8 and its story Display.

Bill at his display.

Bill's #8 Hawkeye.

Ron Lutz being presented the NRA/ROCS Silver Medal #410 for his 2-digit Redhawk #500-00035.

Ron at his great double action display.

Ron's 2-digit Redhawk #500-00035 with its NRA/ROCS Silver Medal #410.

Steve Adamson's very educational display regarding single action revolvers.

Steve at his display.

A poster by Sturm, Ruger & Co. explaining the correct and safe way to carry a loaded old model Ruger single action revolver and their replacement with the new model.

Vince Carabetta's fine display of a Ruger Old Army Revolver.

Vince and Carol at the display.

Vince's extremely rare "color buffed and high polished" Old Army Brass Frame revolver.

Bill Hightower's outstanding "Complete Package" display.

Bill at his display.

Closeup view of the top strap on his special made Ruger Super Blackhawk for the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association (IHMSA).

Lee Newton's colorful display of Larry Koller's Single-Six .22 Caliber #22 revolver.

Lee at his display.

Closer view of Lee's RSS #22.

Mark Rendina at his great No. 3 rifle display.

Mark's favorite No. 2 #218.

Mark holding Elmer Keith's Brass Frame Blackhawk .45 Colt.

Lee Sundermeier at his great "Ruger Color Case Hardened Experiment" display.

A picture of Lee's extremely rare color case hardened .357 Flattop's cylinder frame.

Lee's color case hardened .357 Flattop #5791.

Mike Womble's historic Super Blackhawk display.

Mike at his great display.

Mike's Super Blackhawk #25 first owned by Ruger VP Edward Nolan.

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