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Display and Award Guidelines


The ROCS display show is open to any and all current/active members of the ROCS.

Displays are to consist of any of the following; Ruger Firearms, boxes, paper work, tools, memreabilla, advertisements, and any related item.

The purpose of the ROCS display show should be directed to educating the general public in an effort to attract new members and show what Ruger has to offer.

Part I - The Display: Simple as 1-2-3, whether you have one item or a hundred.

  1. All displays should have a title. The title should fit/describe the display.
  2. Your display should have a theme and the items displayed should follow that theme.
  3. All items should be labeled.

Part II - Divisions, Categories, Classes, Awards

  1. For the purpose of judging they will be the following categories.
    1. Firearms
    2. Non-firearms

  2. For the purpose of fairness they will be the five following classes:
    1. Youth (under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult ROCS member.)
    2. Novice (For 1st time displayers).
    3. Intermediate
    4. Advanced
    5. Masters (Voluntary non-judged class).

  3. Winners of each class will automatically move up to the next class. You also may move up at will if you so desire. But if you move up, either automatically or by choice, you cannot move back down to a lower class. The only exception to this rule is for the Master class. They can move down to the Advanced class only if they have a new display, meaning a different display and different guns from a previous 1 st place win in the Advanced class. You can only win your class once with the same display or guns.

  4. Whether you are in the Advanced Class or a Master moving down to Advanced you may only win three (3) times, each time with different guns and displays. After winning three (3) times you will automatically become a Life Time Master.

  5. Awards: The winners of each class will receive a trophy or plaque. All the names of the displayers in the Youth and Novice Classes will be put into a hat and one (1) name will be drawn for a special prize. This will be repeated for the Intermediate Class, Advanced class, and Masters class.

  6. Prizes for best Gun and/or Best Display may also be awarded at the show coordinator discretion.

  7. Most of the time all non-winning displayers will receive some memento from the show.

  8. PLEASE NOTE, The money we raise from our auctions and raffles enables us to buy the prizes we give away. If you want to continue to see prizes, such as guns, it is important that you support the shows with your donations (of almost anything Ruger or not), buying raffle tickets and biding high on anything you would like to have. All the money collected stays with that show for the following year's awards. Please give us you support!!

Part III - Judging and Points

(ROCS uses NRA Judging Points)
  1. Title and Labels: Is there a highlighted title that fits this display? Are significant items labeled, including information that shows their relationship to the title and theme?
    Maximum: 10 points
  2. Theme: Does the display have an overall theme? Does the material presented illustrate that theme in a comprehensive and interesting manner?
    Maximum: 20 points
  3. Related Items: Presence, interest, and significance of non-firearm related items in the display. (Possible examples might include ammunition, holsters, boxes, documents, accessories, period clothing or uniforms or other related items.)
    Maximum: 10 points
  4. Condition: How does the condition of items in the display compare to items available?
    Maximum: 10 points
  5. Rarity of items displayed.
    Maximum: 10 points
  6. Collector importance and/or historical significance of items displayed: Do items claiming historical provenance have reasonable supporting and accurate documentation where appropriate?
    Maximum: 20 points
  7. Display appeal, design, and appearance: Considering factors such as neatness, creativity, general appearance and overall appeal of the display.
    Maximum: 20 points

Total maximum points: 100

Judges Preference Point: Each judge will choose three displays that they believe are first second and third best displays in the show.

1st = 5 pts.; 2nd = 3 pts.; 3rd = 2pts.

Part IV - The Judges

  1. There should be a minimum of 3 judges plus 1 alternate.
  2. The ROCS President and Show Director will provide a list to all displayers of members that are available to be a Judge and the displayers will vote for 3 Judges and 1 alternate. The alternate Judge will judge any Judge’s display.
  3. To be eligible to judge you must be in the Advanced or Master class.
  4. Judges will score each display without regard to the displayer’s class. (Score cards will not show displayers class).
  5. Judging will take place on Saturday and displayer should be at their displays to assist in answering any questions.
  6. Judges are to sign and turn their score cards into the Show Director before the close of the show on Saturday.
  7. The Show Director will than assign the class to each score card and tabulate the scores for each class. The results will be announced at the awards dinner and meeting on Saturday night.
  8. The Show Director will then be responsible to provide the final results for publication in the ROCS Digest and other publications as well as posting on the ROCS website.

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