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Re: Ruger Prices

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Mohavesam wrote:
Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:08 pm
The "whatever a guy is willing to pay" view is also flawed in some cases.
Correct for insurance purposes......
My point was for BUYING a gun you want.
Again, what will you miss more 6 months
from now, the money....or the gun! :) ;) :)
I do not "own" these guns, I am but the next caretaker

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Re: Ruger Prices

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I just see so many reading GB as some sort of reference. it is not.
I see it as a for-profit company, and most auctions are not FMV.
It is a Right, NOT a permit.
PC = Political Submission :oops:

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Re: Ruger Prices

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Correct it goes back to the old saying, how bad do you want it and when will I see another one, I do alot of looking at five or six different gun shops and go to different countries, and do research gun showes online, gb has penny actions , plus I have two out of state shops that I do alot of business with and have become a preferred customer they know what IAM looking for and email when something comes in.
Food for thought. Chuck

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