PP changes July 28, 2022

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PP changes July 28, 2022

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First, I do realize many of you have 100% sworn of PP and I wish I could as well. Occasionally it's just too convenient to ignore.

Heads up that sending via F&F just got harder. It seems that if either the sending or the receiving account is listed as a Business account you can not send without fees. You can try by selecting "Gift" (once you find it) but it still charges if it sees a "Business" account in the mix.

Here is what i found online:
PayPal is putting new limits on a feature in its payment system that allows people to receive money without paying extra fees, the company recently announced. Starting July 28th, only personal PayPal accounts will be able to get funds via Friends & Family, a transaction method intended for trusted recipients.

BTW, fees are now 2.99% with no transactional adder. Just the percentage.

Hope this helps others avoid confusion.
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