Ruger Security Six article in American Rifleman

Includes the Six Series, Red Hawks, Super Redhawks, GP100s and SP101s.
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Ruger Security Six article in American Rifleman


For those with an addiction to the security six there is a great article in the Dec issue of The American Rifleman. I decided along the way I wouldn't pursue them as a collection piece but have worked to acquire the catalog line of DA revolvers from 1976 including a non catalog piece. I'm still missing two a .38 and 9mm, with patience most are relatively easy to find in excellent condition. Anyone who has fired them knows like any Old Ruger there built to last a lifetime and they get better with age.

A Look Back at the Ruger Security-Six Revolver
by Dave Campbell - Thursday, December 5, 2019 ... -revolver/
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Re: Ruger Security Six article in American Rifleman

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One of the primary design engineers on the -Six DA/SA revolvers runs a small gun shop on Cave Creek rd in phoenix. He's usually there with his pup (100# of curious german shepard). He has a wealth of stories and technical data on the development of what became the series. Racks full of engineering notes and drawings too! I've attempted to learn everything (way before my time with SR) but have had to visit from time to time for a "refresher"!

The AR article was good but kinda short on tech or info for experienced six series collectors and accumulators. His statements on a "black oxide" finish are strange (I am told all carbon steel Security-Six guns were hot "rust" blued/salts, not "boiled in oil" BO'd), but he may be just substituting lay-understanding-talk? Who knows?

I've had a Security Six since taxpayers bought me one in the 1970s. I prefer the 2 3/4" guns and habitually bring one home when I find As-New examples. 8-)
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Re: Ruger Security Six article in American Rifleman

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Great article , thanks for sharing it !

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