low back vs high back

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low back vs high back

Post by 4t5 » Wed Feb 26, 2020 6:10 pm

So what is the value difference of the two all else being equal! :?:

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Re: low back vs high back

Post by RoninPA » Thu Feb 27, 2020 2:16 pm

Depends on the viewpoint. There weren't as many low backs made as high backs, so from a collectors view, the low back might be worth a more. Then from a shooting perspective, some like the "feel" of the low back better so it might be worth more to them. Others like the high back grip better so to a person who is strictly going to shoot it, the low back may not be worth near as much.

It's really all in the eyes of the beholder and what they want the gun for.
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Re: low back vs high back

Post by Mohavesam » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:54 pm

The original grip "low/flat back" was redesigned to fit more hands, with the aim of a less-critical, more 'instinctive' grasp - the curved backstrap forcing the palm into a higher grip, more correct for recoil and thus lowering/minimizing the "palm-to-bore axis" relationship. Accuracy demands elimination of variables.
Collectors may like 'em for low production numbers, but from an engineering perspective, they are an inferior design. I "value" them less than a similar later GF. Usually $50+ under, but there is no concrete rule. :o

With my hands, I almost always have had to adjust my grip after the first shot or two when firing a "low back" GF gun. Remember the Security Six series guns were created to take the law enforcement contracts from S&W, so the improved grip frame design was critical to a quick (accurate) first shot and fast follow-up shots on a kill zone-sized target.

The younger models (all curved GFs) also incorporated the weight-saving concave cut on the rear of the recoil shield; something I personally think improves balance, especially under recoil? 8-) 8-)

- Whatever floats your boat of course - the Security/Service/Speed Six series is classic Ruger, and classy shooting wherever your travels lead. ;) ;)
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