GP100 in 38 Special

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GP100 in 38 Special

Post by ruger66 »

I bought one of these and was just wondering what or who they were made for. It came with the black front sight as an extra.

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Re: GP100 in 38 Special

Post by RoninPA »

The model number (01751) is a standard Ruger model number for that particular gun, I have one and I don't think they were made for anyone special. They also make a model 01750 which is a KGP-841 (.38 spl, 4", full underlug, adj sights).

What is rare is a blued, 3" with adj sights (GP-131 or GP-831) - I know they made them but I don't know the model number but I've been looking/asking and just can't come up with it to add to my GP100 model listing that I am putting together.
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Re: GP100 in 38 Special

Post by Stonebuster »

Looks like Ron gave you your answer already. Apparently it was made for you, your kids, grandkids and their kids as you'll never wear that GP out shooting 38spls. Nice revolver, good luck and enjoy it.

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Re: GP100 in 38 Special

Post by chet15 »

.38 Specials with Adjustable sights have always been rare in a Ruger DA.
There aren't many of these. I remember a batch of them showing up a few years ago and there was talk about them then, but don't remember the backstory.
My notes say Davidson's got some in 2013... here's a couple other sn's… 176-43189 176-64682.
Davidson's has long been known to take unusual models off of Ruger's hands.

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