Includes .44 & 10/22 Carbines; Mini-14, 30 & 6.8; Model 96 & 99/44 Deerfields; M77s; PC 4s & 9s; AC-556; MP9; XGI.
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Post by chet15 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 5:42 pm

Now that you have the info that it is Ruger model 1180 you can go to your trusty "Reference of Ruger Firearms" where you will find this...

10/22RB-C Classic (Ruger model 1180) special distributor model. Features an English style stock (no pistol grip) with flat butt, schnable forend and laser engraved oak leaf pattern on forearm (with Ruger eagle logo in center) and same type pattern in wrist area. Note that the first group of approximately 250 had a very light walnut stock color, the latest guns from the contract have a dark walnut stain color. Known s/n’s and s/n range 255-94978 (with Newport address!), 350-60326 (Southport address) and 350-83431 to 350-84989 (all have blonde finish. Note that the two earliest s/n’s are apparently old receivers that were finally being used) and 351-21606 to 351-48518 (finish color ranging from blonde to standard dark walnut color…and none of this second group have been observed with extended magazine release. At least s/n 351-23361 observed with Newport barrel address). Note that for some reason, s/n 351-48518 has the Ruger eagle logo laser engraved on only one side of the forearm, unlike all other 10/22RB-C. A “cleanup”(?) of this model is represented by s/n 352-22798 (has the Ruger eagle logo on both sides of stock, crackle finish receiver, nylon trigger housing, nylon barrel band and extended magazine release, Newport address and turned barrel finish instead of matte). A total of 885 were ordered by Ruger’s TALO group of Ruger distributors (Camfour (MA), L.M. Burney (TX), Davidson’s (AZ), Hill Country (TX), V.F. Grace (AK), Lipsey’s (LA) and Bill Hick’s (MN) from 2007 to 2008.


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Post by JAYDAWG » Fri Nov 08, 2019 5:51 pm

Thanks. I should have known RENE reference had this info!! But now I know where to get the model info. THANKS AGAIN :D

Been out of town for a couple weeks and not able to look at the gun until now.
The ser# is not in the listed range?
It is a matte Newport roll marked barrel & has a crackle finish receiver and trigger housing.
Also just figured out the reference is in MODEL number sequence. I'm catching on...... :lol:

I do not "own" these guns, I am but the next caretaker

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