No 1 in .348 Winchester

No. 1 and No. 3
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No 1 in .348 Winchester

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Any of you No.1 collectors every see or hear of one chambered for 348 Win?
Just came into a little red wagon-load of factory 348 ammo, about 600 rounds.
I had a very light No1 with beautiful wood way back when, in 30-06, that was just a beastly to shoot.
Kicked worse than any 45-70 or 44 mag lever gun I ever owned. So I sold it.
I'd like to buy another ... maybe one I could rebarrel to 348 and maybe get Turnbull to put a half-octagon barrel on it...
A friend swears he read about a No1 in 348 on one of the Ruger-fan websites a few years back but I cant seem to find it.

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Re: No 1 in .348 Winchester

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I have been trying to get them to make one for years! Your friend might have partaken in our online discussions. In talking with Jason Cloessner, he thinks he might sell 5 of them, I believe.:) This should have been done LONG ago, what a classic round in the No.1. My personal preference would be a 23" bbl. in a 1S configuration, white dot front sight, red pad. But, no, sadly, it was never produced. Maybe if we collectively keep asking........

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