Old Dealer Price Sheet

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d findley
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Old Dealer Price Sheet

Post by d findley »

1955 dealers price sheet.

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Re: Old Dealer Price Sheet

Post by 67stingray »

That's a really neat piece of history, thanks for sharing.
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Re: Old Dealer Price Sheet

Post by gunman42782 »

Sure wish we could buy em that cheap now! LOL
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Re: Old Dealer Price Sheet

Post by RoninPA »

Ivory grips for $16.50 customer price :shock: . Indexed for inflation the 2019 price would be $157.67 which would be a STEAL. But with the bans on ivory those would go for ???? Same with the stags :!:
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Re: Old Dealer Price Sheet

Post by flattop44 »

Another great peice of paper. Thanks for sharing this with us Don. I love the small print , kinda shoots down "I bought it new with these Stags on it" which I have heard 100s of times!!!

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Re: Old Dealer Price Sheet

Post by Watertender »

Don a lot of us are wishing we could buy at those prices knowing what we know now. My grandpa used to say if our foresight was as good as our hindsight we would all be millionaires.
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Re: Old Dealer Price Sheet

Post by Rugerologist »

Don, I believe that I have this paper from the lot that you sent me. It's probably the oldest price sheet that I have in collection and I too wish that we could still pick em up at those prices!
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Re: Old Dealer Price Sheet

Post by JAYDAWG »

Awesome piece of history.
Thank yo again Mr. Findley!
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Re: Old Dealer Price Sheet

Post by contender »

VERY nice!
I need one of those for my paperwork collection!

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