Hello and thanks already

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Hello and thanks already

Post by 06dilly »

Hi all! TomD here from Minn. Thanks to Bill FT44 for encouraging me to join after buying some items from him on the other Ruger Forum. Already received the publication, great work all on that!

Over the years I’ve managed to accumulate lots of Mark’s, all the numbers of P Series (P93 was the best) a Hawkeye and a fair number of revolvers. Like many, I did not start out with a plan and now buy based on the moment. No idea where this will go but having fun in the process. Oh and yes, I’m one of those guys that bought an original Skeleton M77 back in the 90’s and now they’ve bred!

I love to take just about any gun apart and see how they work. To keep me from forgetting how they come apart and go back together, I started making a video to remind myself. That led to posting on YouTube (when I have time to edit) where I now have half a dozen or so mostly Ruger videos.

One goal is to convince one of you that I’d be a great next owner of an original RSSE, so when ready don’t hesitate to $hout out.

Thanks to all for your posts and willingness to teach those like myself with less knowledge!

TomD (06dilly)
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Re: Hello and thanks already

Post by 67stingray »

Tom, glad to have you. You are not alone in accumulating a variety of Rugers.
Any day without learning is a day of backing up.

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Re: Hello and thanks already

Post by gunman42782 »

Welcome from KY!
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Re: Hello and thanks already

Post by SPAS 15 »

Welcome from the U.K. A land far, far away where guns are as rare as Unicorns.

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Re: Hello and thanks already

Post by Watertender »

Welcome to the greatest bunch of people that speak Ruger fluently. We have fun and poke a little fun sometimes but all in good humor. Join right in and enjoy.
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Re: Hello and thanks already

Post by flattop44 »

Hey Tom, happy that you have joined us, we have a great time talking Rugers. Post away!!
FT44/aka Bill

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Re: Hello and thanks already

Post by Charlie1022 »

Welcome from Ohio! I know you are going to enjoy it here. Our next show is in July and hope you can join us. It is always fun talking Ruger!

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