Hello from the 4 Corners!

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Hello from the 4 Corners!

Post by Colorado Expat »

Hello, all --

Came across this place, and thought I'd join up, learn all I can, and perhaps contribute as I can.

I'm from the 4 Corners area (where CO, NM, AZ, & UT meet); great shooting area (my gun club has a great range, with rifle up to 800 yards), and generally a nice place to live.

I don't have any particularly collectible Rugers to speak of; my MKIs (1969 & 1978 vintages) were given to my son & daughter a while ago. My latest Ruger acquisition was a stainless Old Army; I'll be taking it to the range this weekend (a 7.5" barrel - I'll be aiming low...).

I've become partial to the .327 Federal; I have an original 3" SP-101 and a 5.5" Single-Seven in .327 - they''re a lot of fun!

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Re: Hello from the 4 Corners!

Post by 67stingray »

Glad to have you, I spent some time out west and it is great country especially for rifle shooting. You'll find a great group of very knowledgeable individuals here with a strong passion for anything Ruger.
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Re: Hello from the 4 Corners!

Post by RocDoc »

Lipseys has a new Single 7 3.75 Bisley coming I'd like to get my hands on. Fan of the 327 here too. I've been asking for a 327 Fed No. 1. Ruger and especially Lipseys sure seem to be selling a lot of 327s. Glad you joined us!

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Re: Hello from the 4 Corners!

Post by gunman42782 »

Welcome from KY!
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Re: Hello from the 4 Corners!

Post by SteveRuger »

From Just North of you, I love the 4 corners area.
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Re: Hello from the 4 Corners!

Post by flattop44 »

Happy that you have joined us, looking forward to your participation.

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Re: Hello from the 4 Corners!

Post by Watertender »

Welcome to the greatest group of people that speak Ruger fluently. We have fun here. You have some decent stuff. I love the old .22 autos myself. Jump right in and enjoy
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Re: Hello from the 4 Corners!

Post by RoninPA »

Welcome aboard from central PA, The more who join the better ROCS will be.
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Re: Hello from the 4 Corners!

Post by hittman »

Welcome from central Illinois! Good to have new members.

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