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Hello from SE Idaho

Now that I've retired, I guess it's time to collect guns. I've owned and shot many guns over the years, many different brands, but I always come back to Ruger. Right now I have 22 or 23 Rugers, several that I'm going to build a real collection around, I have four "50th Anniversary" guns, and the ROCS 60th Super Blackhawk, I have a couple that I'm leaving unfired, and my personal favorite is "Betsy". All of my fathers favorite things were named Betsey for some reason, his '56 Ford pickup, his '66 Super Sport, his dune buggy and motorcycle, and his three digit .41 Blackhawk. I learned how to reload with Betsy, ammo wasn't available for over a year after dad got her, so I got to cut down (I may be wrong, but, I remember the parent brass being .303 British) and clean up brass that he would take out to the Army Depot he worked at, he'd turn the rims down to the proper diameter on a lathe, load them and blast away. I got Betsy from him in 2012, just before he died, he was shooting her up till a couple of years before he passed (at 86). I hope to learn a lot here, I'll never make a world class collection on retirement pay, but I hope to have a lot of fun anyway.

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Welcome, glad to have you join us. Sounds like you've got some nice items and are on the right path. Lots of fine and knowledgeable folks here.
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Hey DK, we are happy to have you as a member of ROCS and to see you on our website. Building your collection will be a lot of fun, let us know if we can help you locate anything specific.

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Welcome to the fun! Ruger is spoken fluently here and we have a good time. I have 2 girls names tattooed on me but neither is a Betsy. Sounds like you and your Dad both are mechanical people so you will fit in good here. Some of the best holsters I have are Eubanks from Boise Idaho and the best new holsters are made by Simply Rugged in Prescott Arizona... (Shameless Plug!! Rob and crew are fantastic people) Hope you become a frequent poster and enjoy the great people that make the ROCS a special group
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Welcome aboard! We have both shooters and collectors and some that do both. It sounds like you have a good start on a collection, all you have to decide on is what direction you wish to take it.


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Welcome from KY!
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome..... :mrgreen:

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Hello DK,
Welcome to the forum. We just moved to Nampa and were out of the loop for awhile. That's why I noticed your post just now.
We finally can see parts of the bottom of our garage again. I will send you a pm.
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:!: Big Welcome from Utah.
Hank has a Ruger Collectors Display show in Nampa on the 11th & 12th of January@ the Ford Arenea. Come over & say Hello.
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