Howdy! New Ruger Collector

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Howdy! New Ruger Collector

Post by luckyd »

I fell in love with the early Ruger Single six. Managed to pick up a few... :lol: my wife is's a "collection"! Two 54's, three 55's, a 59 and a 60. Still need a 56, 57 & 58...probably won't live long enough to get a 53...I suppose I need a few more to fill in all the dates. Still learning about all the variations. Will probably have lots of questions! Thanks for looking!! Steve
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Re: Howdy! New Ruger Collector

Post by flattop44 »

Welcome aboard Steve. Some great looking Single-Sixes, you have a great start building a fine collection. The chase is a lot of fun. Again welcome to the ROCS website.

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Re: Howdy! New Ruger Collector

Post by SteveRuger »

The Fun is in the Hunt! Nice looking Single-Sixes!
Welcome to the ROCS Forum.
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Re: Howdy! New Ruger Collector

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Welcome from KY! Very nice collection!
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Re: Howdy! New Ruger Collector

Post by T.A. Workman »

Welcome aboard! Always good to see new collectors join in our hobby.

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Re: Howdy! New Ruger Collector

Post by O M CRAZY »

Welcome to the forum! The hunt is where the fun is, once you find a new one you will discover that there are two more you need (WANT). And I am happy to say that will go on for years.

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Re: Howdy! New Ruger Collector

Post by Watertender »

Steve you are in the right place. Welcome to the fun. Ruger is spoken fluently here and the knowledge in incredible.... Then there is JAYDAWG.... The "rest home" contacted me about him and I said he was looking at old milk cartons... Seriously you have a nice collection of Single Sixes. Tnanks for showing us
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Re: Howdy! New Ruger Collector

Post by Bob Wright »

Now that is what I call a collection! Thanks for showing us.

I've never claimed to be a collector, just an accumulator.

And, Howdy right back atcha!

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Re: Howdy! New Ruger Collector

Post by 67stingray »

Welcome aboard Steve, glad to have you. That's a fine group of Flat Gates you have there, thanks for sharing (we love pics). Good luck in your search, unfortunately the more you get into it the more you realize how many variations and gaps in a collection depending on the path you take. You have come to the right place, there is an amazing amount of information accumulated by the members here.
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Re: Howdy! New Ruger Collector

Post by Charlie1022 »

Welcome Steve! Always great to seee new collectors and their collections. The fun part is lookiing for and finding something new for your collection.

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